What do you think about bangs on a girl?

I don't really mean like side swept bangs, I mean like a little below your eyebrow but not like paper straight. They have a little body in them.

Guys: Do you like girls with bangs?

Girls: If you have bangs do you ever have problems styling them? And how do you wear them?


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  • I used to have the bangs you're describing. My hair is naturally pretty straight, with a slight wave near the ends. With full bangs, I never had a problem styling them. I just took a shower, blew them dry, and wah-la! Perfection. If you have curly hair, it may be more of a problem.

    The only problem I had was trimming them. I didn't have time to make frequent trips to the hair salon just to get them trimmed, and it always bothered me when they got long enough to where they actually got in my eyes. That was fixed, though, when I learned to trim them myself, which was easy enough. I really liked how they looked on me, and I knew other girls who had them and looked great.

    Sadly, though, I had to get glasses. I just don't think it looks good with glasses -- too much cluttering your face. So I changed to side swept bangs, and am currently considering growing them out fully.

    If you sweat a lot, you may have a problem with greasy bangs. That can be fixed with a bit of dry shampoo or baby powder.

    Beware, though. Getting bangs may give you a little acne. If you wear makeup on your forehead, getting bangs won't allow your skin to breathe. The oil from your hair may also be transferred to your forehead, or vice versa, giving you either acne, greasy bangs, or both. And there's no reason to use a lot of hair styling products on your bangs, but if you do, that can also contribute to the mess. When I had them, I had a couple of pimples and whatnot, but I didn't really care since the bangs covered them up anyway.

    Ha. Well, despite all of the disclaimers, bangs are really easy to manage. Just clip the bangs back and don't wear make up in that area when you're at home.

    • Yea my face is naturally oily which gets on my nerves but I don't really think my bangs contributes to it that much. I let them grow out once but my forehead was still oily. I also have to trim my own bangs but that actually works out pretty well. The one main problem is that I have a cowlick and they sometimes want to part in that area so I can't let my bangs air dry to long or they are pretty much impossible to style.


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  • I wear mine to the side (they are tapered), other times I clip them up and other times I split them in half (with my hair) and add body (Layers).

  • Arrghhh fringes are soo annoying lol. I used to have a full one which I hated it because it just went straight across :/ yuck! lol. Then I got a side fringe which was ok at first but then it started annoying me because I would always be messing with it which made it greasy and then it would curl the wrong way and I could never style it properly with straightners. So then I grew that out which annoyed me even more because it had no shape or anything so last week I had it put back in when I went to the hairdresser but it's totally not right! so I'm just clipping it up or to the side again until I can find a nice pic of a fringe to take to the hairdresser next time I go lol.

  • i JUST got bangs like that wednesday night. I wasnt so sure about them, but all my friends really like them and my boyfriend loves them. as for styling them..well, I have stick-straight hair so I've just been letting them air dry or blow drying them if I have time

  • i like them! I try to cut some every 8 months or so..i think they add character to my face