My hair is dyed dark brown, naturally it is a light brown color with natural blonde streaks... my roots are coming through (got like an inch atm) although you can't c them 2 much! so I was thinking of just getting light brown or blonde highlights over the top of the dark 2 try and get in lighter again? and so the color change of my hair wouldn't look so obvious

do you think this would work? x


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  • Sounds great, what's important is you have your hair the way you want it. You're very pretty by the way. :-)


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  • I think highlights are a great way to change up your hair, without chopping it all off!


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  • yes, but it's a gradual process. you may still need to do your roots first, just going a shade lighter each time = getting hightlights. doing it all at once is too harsh for the hair. and tone it.

    or get hightlights and lowlights so it would all blend together, just doing the low lights at the root area...and hightlight every other section. then tone it.

    the first option may be better, because if the hair is wan even color and porosity when you highlight it, it will process evenly. some times if it is not, the roots of the highlighted pieces will end up lighter then the parts that have color on them, equaling a big mess.

    and have a professional do it.

  • Yep sounds nice! But just check with your hairdresser first and if something would look better then they can suggest things, I always think it's good to go lighter for the spring and summer :)