Do guys like normal girls?

I've been told that I'm cute or pretty a lot by guys, but, I definitely know that I'm not hot. I'm 25 but I still kind of have a baby face/innocent kind of thing going on. Personality wise, I'm really laid back and have a dry sense of humor. One time I was on a date with this guy, and I know that I was better looking than him but he kept checking out our waitress every time she walked by because she was dressed "provocative". So, are guys into girls who are good looking but not necessarily "hot" or do they want someone who is more like sexy/hot?


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  • i think your going too deep into what signs your reading from your man... we all do this (Men)

    we are ALL compulsive "window shoppers" and tbh girls do it too (a million times more disscreet I must add)

    get over it and stop the" looking at hot thing"... he is your man after all,

    Jeeze if I was dating ms world, would you expect me not to look at another woman?

    we do look and compare sorry

    i hope this helps

    give me one normal girl and stuff the other overdressed overpainted miss overattitude


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  • I can't speak for all guys since I have a particular idea of attraction. It's not defined as "cute" or "hot" or "sexy" though, subconsciously, I know which physical and intellectual (personality) traits I'm looking for. Once I find them, I'll be attracted to a girl no matter which category anyone else wants to place her in.

  • Different guys like different things. It is similar to me asking you if you are into say Goths because I met another girl that was into that. Some like it, some do not.

    Your job is to be you, not someone that you are not. You will find the right guy... If you are having to change who you are, that isn't good. Besides you may very well be "hot" and not know it...

  • Every guy is different.

    Why are you trying to attract guys in general?

    Try attracting the guys you find attractive. Find out what they like, not guys in general.

  • I want someone whom has a brain, is nice looking, and can do things for herself. I'll do stuff with her, and I'll be there when she needs me, but I am not out looking for the hottest girl out there. I hope she has a good sense of humor, because my friends and I joke about many things, bodies included. But it's in good humor.

  • I want sexy/hot but that doesn't mean I won't bang normal.


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