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Fake tan... your opinion on it!

So, I'm using this fake tan milk and it works GREAT! :) It comes out like my natural tan (like when I lay in the sun), and it smells great too. It... Show More

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  • As long as it looks "natural" then I'm fine with her using it.

    • BA because it's what Asker wanted to hear :3

    • o_O umm no I honestly thought this was the best answer...

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  • As long as it's not unhealthy for her, I don't care if she does or not. If it is affecting her health or makes her look disgusting (orange, abnormally tan, etc.) then I will definitely have a problem with it.

  • honestly as long as it doesn't come out looking orange. But that more of if you're happy with it I am too. I personally like a girl's natural color, even if its ghost white I love the way it looks and if she is dark skinned that's quite attractive too I don't really care about skin color I find all natural skin colors to be attractive.

  • Fake tans are about as dumb as actually going to a tanning bed.

    Which is pretty dumb.

  • I don't get why tans are so great...I do it because I have psoriasis...and nothing wrong with darker girls...but I find pale very attractive...I seriously don't get it...o.O

  • Just get a real tan instead?

    Fake tans are lame, we already have enough with make-up which can make any girl appear gorgeous, until she washes her face.. don't make the same to happen with skin tone aswell.

    • Ummm I don't wear any makeup. Not ALL girls wear a ton of makeup.

      And how can I get a real tan if the sun never shines here? xD (never is not true, but like, almost never)

    • Solariums, aka tanning beds? They're everywhere!

    • I can't go to tanning beds anymore because somehow my eyes are super sensitve and get irritated by the bright light that comes from the lamps so nope...

  • You're not orange yet, but wait until that milk turns to cheese. link

  • I don't like fake tans, too jersey shore for me.

    If it's not natural don't bother in my opinion

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