Girls, would you look at a guy less if he still played Pokemon?

I like Pokemon! What would most girls think of a guy like that?


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  • I wouldn't mind at all, as long as he keeps a balanced life around it :)

    I think it's quite common, many of my friends have a pokemon emulator on their computer ^^

  • As long as your life doesn't revolve around it, I don't care.

  • I like pokemon. I know many other girls who like pokemon. I don't think it's a problem bro. There are guys who love my little pony and still get ladies. It's all good.

  • I'd think that's cute!

  • I wouldn't care,but that's just me. My boyfriend loves video games,he can be on them all day.yes its annoying but geeky guys is kinds cute :) don't worry about it,a girl has to accept you for who you are :)


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  • Expected more shallow answers.

    Pleasantly surprised.

    • You Zerglings and your expectations.


    • That is a lurker sir, lol. But I commend you for know it's a starcraft unit.

    • Shit. I could have saved face if I had just left out that "ing" at the end of Zerg. F***. Guess I gotta go turn in my nerd medal now.

  • Man, why are you anon?

    Say it loud, say it proud. Shit.

    F*** what people think about you.

  • they would assume, quite reasonably, that the guy is ten years old, or under LOL

  • The girl who I currently have a crush on is indifferent about pokemon. Meaning I could probably get her into So the answer is probably not. It depends on the individual however, since all girls are different.