Prime years for looks. Do you agree with this statement?

In terms of looks wise girls prime years are 18-25 and guys are 26-35. Feel free to express your opinions.

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  • Women- 18 to 25

    Men- 25 to death.

    Women age like crap.

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    • i bloody well bet she does, well lets hope your not be sarcastic, you can always tell if a mans going to treat a women well, by how he treats his mum, ( so god help your girl) lol

    • CRIKEY!


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What Girls Said 4

  • Do you agree with this statement?

    I disagree as in my country most are overweight/obese and in the 26-35 age range people tend to be unfit, lose their hair/start hair thinning, and have wrinkles. In my opinion the prime years for looks 16-25 for both genders.

    • Maybe its my genes but I am considered as an American. Anyway, I have not aged and I serviced during Desert Storm :)

  • Just going by the people I know, I'd say most people don't really start aging a ton until 35, whether male or female.

  • for both genders it's 18-25 :)

  • That soufs about right, however some people age really well, I mean they look hotter older for both male and females


What Guys Said 3

  • I don't agree.

    I think it's 18-24 for girls. Yes, there are always exceptions, but as a general rule, 18-24 holds true more often than not. Sorry, J-Lo does not look "hot," she looks "good FOR HER AGE." That's a very generous yardstick. But, if the yardstick we're using to measure is "f***ability compared to all other women existing in this world," I would say that a woman's f***ability precipitously declines at age 24, and every year thereafter.

    For men, it's 24-52. Again, there are exceptions, but generally, with the exception of George Clooney, guys age well, but older guys are not as sexually appealing as younger more healthy MEN. It's a fine line between being a boy and being an old man, everything in between that is sexually appealing. Again, just for appearances (excluding factors like character, personality, maturity, money, status, etc.)

  • Lol, you may feel different about those choices when you get a bit older. :)

  • I'm not a girl, so I wouldn't know what the prime ages are for me as a guy. I will say that now that I've hit 30, a lot of girls of all ages are taking more interest than when I was younger.

    As for looks wise when a girl is the hottest, I'd say somewhere between 16-24. Usually after 25 it is a slow (and sometimes fast) ride downhill.