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What do you think of fashion forward girls?

Especially in an area where most people are dressed very basic. Do you like it, do you think she wants to stand out, she is materialistic,...?

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  • I've had a couple of girlfriends like that. They looked fantastic and always made a point of trying to look good when we went out together. Granted, they also had very open and welcoming personalities, which didn't make their fashion forward clothing seem like they were snotty girls that thought they were too good for a man. A girl can dress well, but I think it is very important that she bey more friendly and open than your more casual girl. The more casual one will appear more approachable all things being equal, unless the the dolled up girl compensates by showing she is actually a warm person. The clothes don't scare the man so much as he might make assumptions about you providing you don't prove him wrong. If you prove him wrong, he'll probably be thrilled that you dress well and also are down to earth.

What Guys Said 22

  • Time and place. That's really all I can say.

    Dressing up for a gathering that calls for it sure. Putting on a huge load of makeup to hit the gym, not so much.

    I personally prefer natural appearances. I like knowing how a person looks on a day to day basis.

  • Generally I don't pay a whole lot of mind to what a girl wears as far as whether or not it's fashionable, but when anything she's wearing very obviously sacrifices practicality for style, that bugs me and, to me, is a turnoff. Things like, for instance, high heels bug me due to their highly impractical nature.

    • That being said, I do have issues when a girl who is going out on a date with me overdresses for the occasion. It makes her come off as superficial and highly impractical, which is a deal breaker trait for me.

  • Depends. If she's simply dressed nice and classy a lot of the time, then no problem. If she purposely buys sh*t that's five hundred percent the price it should be because it's name brand, then I would think she's fairly ridiculous.

  • If she's fashion-forward in that she likes to express herself through fashion and style, then that's cool. If she's a snooty materialistic bitch who is really into fashion and doesn't respect people who aren't into fashion, then...well... she's a snooty bitch and I don't think much of her!

  • Like it. Gotta be somwhat materialistic and down to earth in this world ^^, I'm definitely not dating a nun or a priestess lol

    Back to the topic. I like a fashionable girl, I like girls when they're well dressed and look good, it's pleasing to the eye if nothing else :)

  • dont give a sh*t

  • I like them more than non fashionable girls.

  • Some girls... too many it seems, dress like hookers. That's shameful. They're completely oblivious that they are dressed like actual prostitutes and they think its fashionable too, it's sad.

    But, I do love it when a girl wears something that really stands out, and is fashionable. Like say if she's wearing a funky all black and white get-up. A white leather jacket that kinda' thing. I love like a white tiger stripe top or something too. Spandex pants in like vibrant red or blue, as long as the girl is real classy looking (for what it's worth you could totally pull it off by me).

    So yeah as long as its fashionable not skanky.

  • As long as they dress stylish in terms of choosing the right color or outfit combinations which will please the eye and which fit them perfectly, they're fantastic.

  • I love seeing any girl do her own thing rather than just fall into line with whatever all of her friends are wearing. Maybe she wants to stand out, maybe she just doesn't feel right "fitting in" - either way, it's still a brave move.

  • I like i, I like clothes too, but I guess that it depends on how much she likes clothes.

  • Please describe for our audience, fashion shopping- sans materialism? (heh)

    "Fashion forward", by default, means we (the public) might hate it or love it. I will just say props to you for not conforming to the commercial programming, and kudos for pushing the envelope.

  • I like it a lot. When I see a girl dress up and that she put effort into it it is nice to see. There is time and place like others have said. I would only think she is materialistic is she is buying 300 dollar purses or jeans or whatever. A girl can dress nice without using a crap load of money.

  • I like it when girls pay an effort to look good, but - if it involves spending a sh*tload of money for "designer" stuff then it's... c'mon - it's unnecessary waste.

    I personally can't tell the difference between women's clothes which are in "normal" stores or even from a bazaar and something what costs thousands of bucks!

  • f*** fashion.

  • no real opinion, I say if you like it, go for it. why not?

  • i actually don't like it unless she's going to like an event. I prefer sweater and jeans or somethign simple

  • it all depends on how she presents herself

  • I'd just as well like a girl in jeans & t-shirt. Don't really care too much for fashion unless it looks like it takes her 4 hrs every morning to "present" herself to the public then it gets to be a turn-off.

  • high maintenance/tries too hard.

  • It depends. She can either look really attractive/stand out or she could be materialistic. Her personality actually pays a part too. And how she carries herself. So in conclusion, it can go both ways. The worst is if they look like a hooker...

What Girls Said 3

  • Its better to stand out and look good than blend in and look bland.

  • i think any person who picks up fashion forward styles looks for a reaction from other people. Somehow they want to make a statement by saying "i'm not average". Now, that could be okay when it's genuine, but that could also be like "i want your attention, whatever it takes".

    If anything, I might think they are loud fashionistas, and not necessarily people with a good style.

  • i think being fashion-forward is great. but going to class looking like you're ready for a gala is kinda sad.

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