What do you think of fashion forward girls?

Especially in an area where most people are dressed very basic. Do you like it, do you think she wants to stand out, she is materialistic,...?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I've had a couple of girlfriends like that. They looked fantastic and always made a point of trying to look good when we went out together. Granted, they also had very open and welcoming personalities, which didn't make their fashion forward clothing seem like they were snotty girls that thought they were too good for a man. A girl can dress well, but I think it is very important that she bey more friendly and open than your more casual girl. The more casual one will appear more approachable all things being equal, unless the the dolled up girl compensates by showing she is actually a warm person. The clothes don't scare the man so much as he might make assumptions about you providing you don't prove him wrong. If you prove him wrong, he'll probably be thrilled that you dress well and also are down to earth.