Is attitude just as important as looks in dating today, or is that just up to the individual?

Is your attitude a qualifier or a disqualifier in dating today, along with looks, money, and sex appeal?


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  • Attitude is key. Girls want guys who are confident and outgoing, and yet also sweet and considerate. Looks and money definitely mean a lot too, but personality can go a long way and make up for whatever you lack. Guys who aren't necessarily the best looking can still get really pretty girls if they have a cool personality.


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  • oh yeah, attitude is very important in dating today, at least for me it is, I have to like your personality, and attitude before I will even think of dating you, looks, and money don't mean a whole lot to me when it comes to dating


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  • People all want different things. You attitude, looks, money, sex appeal, etc. all give correlational indicators of what people are looking for.

    For example, if you're bold and confident, you could possibly be a good leader.

    If you're very funny on the spot, you might be intelligent and adaptive.

    In a way, they're pre-qualifiers before you get the (first) interview.