My problem with alpha males

I'm short, I'm very average looking, and I'm thin. To make up for those deficiencies, I have to rely on conversation and humor. The problem is that it takes me a bit of that to really get a girl to start "considering" me. And all that foundation gets blown away the second a tall guy walks into... Show More

I appreciate all your answer.s It just sucks that in order to stand out I have to have a good conversation and some humor and I have to be "on" most of the time, while these guys don't have to do anything, and if they make just one comment, then they are regarded as "witty" and all these girls fall over.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Why don't you emphasize your good qualities? I'm sure you have features about you, which if emphasized or highlighted would be appealing. You can be short, average looking, and thin but a nice dresser. You can work out and get toned (you don't have to be muscular lots of girls like that lean yet defined look). You can work on your best qualities and not ONLY have to rely on conversation and humor. Just don't view yourself as "lesser" because you're short. Don't think that every tall guy has it easy. There are plenty of ugly ass tall guys walking around, I've never heard of a girl who was like "yeah he's ugly in the face, sh*tty personality but he's tallll!"