How do you dress in the winter for work?

If you wear pants, do you tuck your slacks into snow boots and bring a separate pair of boots or shoes to put on when you get to work?

my office is pretty lax on wardrobe, they don't care if you wear boots to work, some people wear sneakers. I don't want to change into shoes everyday so can anyone recommend some comfy, stylish black boots that I can wear with my slacks. Links appreciated.


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  • I wear 5.11 taclite pro pants to work every day. Depending on how much snow is on the ground I may blouse my pants, mostly because I can't stand having the bottoms of my pant legs wet. Because of the blousing I don't have to change my pants. My pants are also Teflon coated making them water and stain resistant. My footwear are a pair of Bates USMC Gortex lined Temperate weather boots, in coyote brown. It rains a lot in my state so I have learned that waterproof boots are a bit of a must. combined with wool socks you're feet will stay nice and toasty. By the way, in cold weather wool is your best friend and cotton is your worst enemy. The is of of course you're allergic to wool then that's a totally different story. Bates also does make boots in black so they should match your office attire rather well. Here's an example:


    This footwear can be a bit pricey but it's military footwear, they are designed to handle more stresses than average footwear. You might also want to try Danner's, Cochran, Bellville, Or Tactical Research. Danners are perhaps some of the most durable boots I have ever worn, I wore them every day for 4-5 years, running through mud, trudging through water and I set the one boot on fire twice by accident, the sole still held like it was brand new. Bellville boots are also just as well made and tactical research. Cochran boots have been around since WW2, even made bots for the military and have probably been around longer than that. Stock insoles from the factory can be crap sometimes, so I recommend Dr Scholls Gel insoles, work grade like these; link

    Sorry for the long winded rant, take this with a grain of salt, good luck, I hope this helps :)


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  • I think you're actually asking women what they wear to work (question geared toward women) but because I'm currently unemployed I can't really answer this either. I'm thinking about applying for a UPS job because my best friends mom says that there are lots and lots of UPS jobs available right now, and they pay well so I would probably just have to wear a UPS uniform most likely


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  • my work is pretty relaxed for the most part too, we just can't wear jeans. I usually wear black skinny pants boots and a nice oversized sweater and some jewelry for a more feminine look. I also like to wear dresses with tights or knee high socks with boots as well.

    • long boots, like riding boots? do you tuck your pants into them? if not, can you see your boots under the pants?

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    • yeah they're like the same material as slacks but look like skinny jeans. it helps if you tuck the pants into a pair of long socks to keep them from coming out of the boots or looking scrunched up

    • i do but sometimes it looks weird at the top because I have to fold the sides going into the boot. Anyway thanks for the input.

  • I wear skirts to work almost everyday, I wear boots from the car into work so I don't get my pantyhose wet from snow or rain and then put my heels on when I get to my desk.