GUYS&GIRLS: Thongs or boy shorts?

Thongs or boyshorts(or cheekies/french cut)

Girls: which do you prefer?

Guys: I suppose, which do you prefer on the opposite sex.

If you don't like either, tough cookies.

  • Thongs
    48% (19)39% (24)42% (43)Vote
  • Boyshorts(including cheekies/french cut)
    52% (21)61% (38)58% (59)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm a bikini girl or VS hipsters. If I were married I would wear thongs for my guy but I hate boy shorts on me because they are made for bigger hips and mine are narrow so they look hideous on me.

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What Guys Said 36

  • IMO, boyshorts look much better across a much larger number of women, and there's something sexy about leaving a bit of mystery. Thongs can look really hot on the *right* women, but you really need to have the right kind of butt to pull one off well. Not everyone is so blessed.

  • Honestly, no preference. It's what's under them that I'm attracted to.

  • Damm. Both are turn ons. But nothing is even better. I love lace.

  • Boy shorts and a pony tail without question!

  • For girls with curvy bottoms and hips, Bikini or High Cut Briefs. For girls with less definition, such as many Asians, Boy Shorts. I dislike thongs.

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What Girls Said 12

  • Boyshorts

  • boy shorts...i don't like thongs...I don't like having a wedgy all day lol

  • I like thongs better, comfort-wise, although my butt is too big for me to wear one. I still have one just in case I need it for some certain occasion. I like how cheekies look, though, but they never fit me right. Overall, my personal favorite is hipsters.

  • Thongs when I'm feeling super sexy and daring or need a confidence boost. Cheekies for everyday wear.

  • Boyshorts.

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