Why do women stare at other women?

This has happened to me twice. I work in a store and I was on the till when I was serving a lady, I scanned her goods and was putting her goods in the bag when I looked up to see that the lady I was serving was staring at me. She felt very embarrassed I could tell because she looked down and smiled almost apologetically. This had happened to me again today.

I felt self conscious at the time which led me to ask this question


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  • I agree with what's been said so far about just plain admiring someone's beauty. Sometimes someone just looks really nice and I accidentally stare!

    Another possibility is the tendency to compare yourself to others, so you check others out.


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  • I think older people stare in admiration. A lot of older women stare and comment on how I look like whoever in their family. Younger women stare typically because of jealousy and curiosity.

  • Some just admire the beauty of others. If I am staring at another female it is most likely because I find her pretty and admire her. Yes, I am straight but it does not mean I can't appreciate how beautiful others can be. Now, if you get other girls staring at you with a nasty look, they are probably jealous, just know you have what they want.

  • Sometimes if I'm trying to figure out why I know someone, or if I like what they're wearing. or jealousy.