So this girl has started acting like she likes me less...

But she still usually will ask to walk with me to class even though she has other friends she is usually talking to at the time. She used to touch me a lot and would look at me and text me and stuff but I told her I kinda like her and this other girl but I wasn't sure. Now she barely talks to me and I barely catch her looking at me. Even though this happens, she still will as to walk with me to the class. So I was wondering what going on here?


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  • Well, it's clear then that whatever you said has upset her, but she still wants to be friends maybe she likes you but doesn't want to admit it, thus the I won't tell you who I like thing


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  • So you told her that you like her?

    • well I said I wasn't sure but I kinda like her and another girl. She also said she liked someone in our grade but wouldn't tell me

    • be clear : did you say you liked her or did you say you like another girl?