What else she wants me to do ?

I confessed my feelings to this cashier through Facebook and I added her. she did not reply and its been now almost two weeks. the next time I saw her she winked at me, smiled and we maintained eye contact for quiet a while. today I was there and we looked at each other a lot, she raised her eyebrows twice when we looked at each other and it was so obvious. I slipped her a little note with my mobile number and " see you" under it. the problem that I am not sure if saw it or no. from the way she looks at me I can certainly say that she is into me but why she is doing so. I have already done a move so what's more ? its driving me nuts. how she is going to react and please forget about she is doing it for tips Because I never tip her.

I mean that's totally insane there must be a reason for that ?


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  • She's playing hard to get. Simple as that. Some girls like to be chased, so she's drawing you in the pulling back just enough that you will run after her. Just go for it. Give her what she wants. Chase her until you can pin her down. Chase her, but with a little mystery. I write songs, and there's this line in one of my songs "I don't know what game this is but they all take two to play". I swear I did not just make it up, I wrote it 6 months ago, but it applies perfectly in this situation. Counter her game with something subtle of your own, but whatever you do, GO AFTER HER!

    Good luck man.


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  • Honestly, I disagree with the other answers. You've flirted with her and tried twice to get in contact outside of her work and she's ignored it both times. Frankly, I wouldn't bother anymore. If she was interested, she can get in contact with you, but sadly I'd say she's not that keen and is maybe just a bit of a flirt? She may contact you now you gave her your number but I wouldn't pin all your hope on it. Move on, and be happy :)

  • Try tipping her that could help out your cause. hehe


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