Do you'll get a more negative impression from good looking guys?

girls do you'll get a more negative impression from like super hot guys and tend to avoid those guys more when you'll see them for the first time, without getting to know them?


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  • I wouldn't avoid those type of guys. Just because a guy is super hot doesn't automatically mean he's arrogant/a jerk/ a player. I would get to know him and see if there was any depth to him beyond just what he looks like on the outside. If he was flirting with me, I would see if he was just a flirt/player or if he was actually interested. Some girls would avoid a guy like this though. They would think "wow he's super hot, he must have a ton of girls he's playing around with." Or "he's hot, he must be an arrogant jerk." I guess it just depends on the girl really. Hope this helps!

    • Some girls would avoid a guy like this though

      is this the majority? or in general?

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    • Yes

    • well it so happens that at the start some girls tend to avoid me a lot. then all of a sudden as they observe my behavior or at a certain situation they tend to be more extra nice to me and I'm told or somehow come to know that they have feelings for me.

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  • Before getting to know them, I prefer good looking guys for dating obviously. As I"m sure everyone prefers good looking people before they get to know them. If they give off the full-of-themselves vibe though, or look trashy, I lose interest. Those guys that take naked self pictures on Facebook are embarrassing. As are the girls.

  • I don't tend to get approached by hot guys very often. But I'd give a guy a chance. I've been burned by exactly one hot guy. The guys that are really attractive tend to know they are attractive and this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Confidence is important to have after all but it comes done to where the guy is in life emotionally and what he's looking for. If he's looking for a "good time" then he's going to have an easy time finding it and it can easily get to any person's head. Now there very well can be good looking guys that are actually nice guys.

    If a girl is looking for a good time she won't mind. Then it comes down to the girls experience, her own self-esteem etc.

    I try not to fully judge someone when I first meet them but to be honest I do watch out for that kind of behavior more for guys that are really hot.

    • "and it can easily get to any person's head"

      wat do you mean?

  • I don't have a negative impression of them immeadatley but I have to admit that I'm a bit more hesistant to go into a relationship with them because they have reputation of cheating more often. That fear is many cases probably totally stupid but I'd still prefer the average joe look wise

    • so your telling me you don't have any natural physical attraction towards a hot guy?

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    • forever, it's not that hard. It's not like I want tear all his clothes off,throw him on my bed and never let him leave, every time I see a hot guy.

      Sure I'm attracted to them but I don't feel the need to be with them or even kiss them or sleep with them

    • wow! those are way too many details...:) you still sure

  • For me it's more about personality than looks. I can meet a guy who is really good-looking but be turned off within minutes by his attitude/arrogance/whatever. Conversely, I can meet a guy and be impressed with his personality and only then suddenly realize just how good-looking he is (don't ask me how that works, lol).

    That said, I don't assume that good-looking guys are going to be arrogant or whatever else. I also don't assume that they will find me particularly attractive or unattractive - when I was younger I was intimidated by them and assumed that I wasn't their "type" or pretty/hot enough or whatever, but now I just think of them like anyone else and assume that they will react accordingly. (Sometimes they don't seem to know how attractive they are - it's almost funny to watch.)

  • Ofcourse..thy are generally arrogant and wdn't give us the importance we seek.

    • and do you'll jump to this conclusion based on passed experiences or just assumption without experience?

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    • which person?

    • the handsome 1

  • appearance affects my judgement. but the best of all is his personality and behavior. I don't hate guys for looking hot.

  • i don't avoid them or anything, and they're perfectly attractive, but I'd never approach them- I get intimidated by really good looking guys and a lot of the time they have an arrogant vibe that I don't like. I prefer the "cute" guy over the "hot" guy just because we tend to be more compatible

    • I get intimidated by really good looking guys and a lot of the time they have an arrogant vibe that I don't like.

      why do you get intimidated? what characteristics about them give you that vibe?

    • i don't like the type of guys that party too much, or are players, or are full of themselves. I am wrong for judging so quickly when I see a guy like this, but I usually make a snap judgement and I'm usually right. I can tell by how they carry themselves- like how they interact with others, dress, walk.. plus I know I'm not the type of girl they'd like. my friends describe me as "cute" and "innocent". I think "hot" guys would want a "hot" girl who's more confident and experienced.

  • i'm not really into super hot guys. I don't meet them that often. but a lot of times they are jerks.


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