Boyfriend always glances at other women,what do I do?

I realize he is just glancing but it happens every time we are in public now. From what I remember, he never used to do this. People say its a natural instinct, even still it makes me feel like crap like I'm not good enough and I feel insecure.Even more awkward if the girl knows he's looking over at her. If I see a good looking guy walk past in the corner of my eye or coming towards me, I don't glance over out of respect for my boyfriend. I've spoken to him about it and he gets annoyed and denies it, so I don't get anywhere. I don't want to break up with him but your really makes me feel like crap. Obviously there's always going to be someone more attractive, but do you really have to look when your girlfriend is right next to you?What do I do?Makes me feel so uncomfortable.


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  • I don't know about guys generally, but if I'm dating someone, I respect the person just the way you respect your boyfriend. My brother who is in his late 20's shows the same respect for his girlfriend. I see it as the only way to go.

    That your guy gets annoyed by the discussion about it makes it seem like he expects to be allowed that level of disrespect.

    Somehow, he should learn that it's not OK. If it really bothers you, it should be discussed. Don't let him deny it. Don't let it slip. In a chilled sorta way, of course.

    Obviously, if you're alone and you spot an attractive person it's not a crime to pay them some attention, but one should lay off when WITH your girlfriend. That's how I feel. But if he treats you really well the rest of the way, I guess it's not such a bad sign if he's like that now and then. But if it's constant and it unsettles you, work it out with him.


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  • Guys just want to reward t hegirls for all the hard work in staying fashionable, keeping their weight under control, and all the color coordinating and make-up. We don't want the girls to think all that is just wasted because we don't notice.

    He's just doing all these girls a favor by encouraging their efforts, that's all. Think of him as a good Samaritan, if that helps.

  • try getting over it LOL


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  • I would just start glancing at the hot guys if I were you. Why continue to show him the type of respect he is not showing you? It is normal to notice others attractive people of the opposite sex, you said you do but you don't glance out of respect and that is something he does not understand. Why keep being that respectful girlfriend if he is not being the respectful boyfriend you want him to be.

    • hot guys? but girls aren't visual and don't care baout looks.

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    • lol but its usually younger girls that are more visual mature women just don't care as much about abs or facial features.

    • Half the audience were middle aged women. Trust me it's something that does not go away with age. Too many misconceptions about women out there I tell ya.

  • From my point of view, you are totally right. He should have respect for you and the relationship. But if the only thing he is doing is looking then that can be fixed, just don't go to him nagging or upset. Approach him calmly, and try to talk it over to reach a solution for the both of you

  • That is kind of rude. You should just give him a nudge whenever he does it again.

  • Wanna know what to do? You+boyfriend+the next hot girl=threesome

    You'll make your boyfriend happy, so it will make you happy

    Now shut up and stop complaining about your boyfriend looking at other hot girls. It's normal. If not, break up with him sweetie. He's a man and he will always look

    Thank you, have a wonderful day.

    I would def recommend the threesome though;)

    • no you sound like a guy.

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    • I realize that, hence why I am on here asking for help.

    • He's only looking. It's not a big deal...seriously

  • I'm sorry to hear it makes you feel like that... I can totally understand that it's not fun at all. I have experienced the same thing.

    It is normal to look at other people, but since you said that your boyfriend always glances at other women, I think its time to talk about it. And really talk. Ask him to sit down and listen, tell him it makes you feel really bad and uncomfortable. If he keeps doing this, and if things don't change, I think it might be time to maybe tell him it can't go on like this for forever...

    • Thank you, yeah it really affects me. I think it also comes down to my own self esteem, which I obviously don't have much of. I don't want to bring it up again though, he just gets really annoyed. And all defensive. Maybe he doesn't realize he does it, or he does but just denies it. All I know I might do it without realizing. Either way it makes me feel like, you're my girlfriend but I'm going to go out and look for something better, while your here next to me.

    • I know its not fun, but do you want to continue feeling like this? Its not fair that you are feeling this way while he looks at other girls and gets all defensive and annoyed at you, for something HE does.

      I don't really know though how you should ask him, to talk about it... maybe write him a letter, write that it bothers you a lot and that you'll maybe stay somewhere else (in case your living together) until he wants to listen and talk.

  • Guys are just easily distracted, don't worry about it, he's only looking. He's with you at the end of the day. If he treats you well aside from the glancing then it shouldn't really be a big problem tbh. Unfortunately there is no such thing as the perfect guy, so if you have a good guy who gets distracted a little don't stress