What do women want?

Is it true? They say guys look for looks and women look for wealth. How true is that? Do you agree?


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  • No. Not true those women may be over conceited bitches who just want money! But there are women out there who just want love and appreciation. I honestly don't care if he's rich or poor - all I look for is the personality, affection and love! Those things may be hard to find but you just gotta look in the right place or maybe wait for that one person who is supposed to complete you!


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  • No that's so untrue I think most girls don't mind about money as long as they love the guy! I don't need a man for money it's called make your own stand on your own two feet! And find a nice genuine guy you love! Women who want a guy for his money are just heartless bitches! No offense! Love is not love if you just love someone or are with them for there money!

  • Some look for money, some security, some looks. It so depends on the woman.

  • Subconsciously, we do. We all do. It's thoughs of us who look beyond these subconscious feelings and look deep into a person heart to decide between luv, lust, and benefits. That is what love shud truly be based off of.


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