What was the best concert you've ever been to?

What was the best concert you've been too? Who do you look forward to someday performing? Are there any bands you currently have tickets for?

So far I've seen:

Blink 182

Green day

Ill scarlett

Simple Plan

I really want to see the killers though, it looks like they'd be pretty stellar live..


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  • Fuuu I haven't really been to any to be honest =/ All but one, but that was a long time ago and 'Pretty Ricky' performed aha Their an R&B group..Aside from that though, 'it'd be pretty damn awesome to go to a concert for 'The Killers, their amazing. But I'm kind of jelly because Muse is having a concert sometime in January at the Staple Center and their Sold out! Which sucks ass. Mathew Bellamy has an amazing sexy voice o: In general though, I kind of want to go to Coachella. It's kind of an all in one kind of deal, with a lot of different bands playing. Seems pretty fun. I love indie.

    • Yeah muse is pretty awesome, Whenever I am in my car and I hear madness on the radio, You can pretty much hear it from a mile away...lol

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  • Oxygen festival 2007. Muse headlined Saturday night with The killers headlining Sunday night. But The Killers were sh*t hot at Oxygen 2009. Have tickets for Roger Waters in Dublin have to wait til Sept next though.

  • It's impossible for me to pick just one, because they all had something special that the others didn't. AC/DC was the most energetic. U2 was the most epic. The Scorpions was the most emotional (all 3 times). Iron Maiden was the most entrancing/engaging. I've been to more, but those are the few that stand out most.

    • U2 is amazing. I want to see them live as well!

  • You've seen blink? So jealous, I'd kill to see them, I bet that's one hell of a show.

    • They are pretty funny dudes live.

  • I only went to a Demi lovato concert once because he had tickets but I hate crowded places

  • I know this is not concert related, but I recently saw Gabriel Iglesias do standup comedy and it was well worth it! He performed for three hours on top of what other performers had already performed! Even when his time was up, he continued to perform. It was amazing! I recommend seeing him!

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  • Mahavishnu Orchestra - June 1973 - Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell, Mass.

  • I've been to a lot of metal shows and festivals, including a whole bunch in Europe. I've also seen Rush and Stone Temple Pilots. But the best show I was ever at was when Devin Townsend played about five minutes away from my university last year. The crowd was pretty small, which made it even more special. The setlist was just about perfect, and he signed a whole bunch of stuff for me after the show. I've seen him several times before and after that, including in London this past summer, but this took the cake.

    And he's going on tour again in January. :D

  • Ozzfest I think 2006. These were the bands that played that day:

    Ozzy Osbourne, System of a Down, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Hatebreed, Lacuna Coil, DragonForce, Black Label Society, Atreyu, Unearth, Bleeding Through, Norma Jean, A Life Once Lost, The Red Chord, Walls of Jericho, Strapping Young Lad, All That Remains, Full Blown Chaos, Between the Buried and Me, Bad Acid Trip

  • Muse.

  • The concerts I've been to Fun, One Direction, Nickelback, The Who, ShineDown.i also went to Lalapalooza in Chicago and saw the black keys, fun, Miike Snow, Red Hot Chille Peppers and Avicci. . My favorite concert was Fun. The band sounded amazing, the sounded exactly like how they sound on the radi. It was awesome.

    • How were the chilli peppers and the keys live? I know I def, would want to see both

    • They black keys were amazing, but it rained the day the chili peppers were performing and there show was canceled. :(

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