What do girls think about men who are VERY TALL?

i am a very tall male. athletic. etc. but I find that women are intimidated easily. I am close to 7 feet tall for example. how could I approach women without scaring them? and could you see yourself dating someone who is very tall like me?


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  • The taller the better. The men in my family are very tall. They run between 6 and 7 feet. My uncle is 6'8, which is close to 7, I suppose. My boyfriend is 6'5, which I find perfect. I am 5'4, and I come up to my uncle's elbow lol so I think that height is too tall for me.

    I'm weird though since I'm so short. The women in my family tend to be tall (I'm the freak lol) My taller female cousins would be totally good with someone as tall as you are. How tall are you exactly?


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  • Most girls love tall guys. Personally, I prefer guys around my height so that I can kiss him easier haha. I'm kinda short to begin with.

  • I am not into super tall guys, personally, but I know a lot of girls, even really short ones who LOVE tall guys. Also, I think most really tall girls love super tall guys, too. Just be friendly and smile a lot and you won't seem scary. Girls love the teddy bear types.

  • Sure. I'm a giant though, so maybe I don't count.

  • I'm short-ish (5'4) and I usually like to date guys who are around 5'8-5'10ish (though I am in the minority opinion on this site). I've dated guys between 5'6 and 6'2. I would not object to a freakishly tall guy, though. I would not seek one out, but I would not reject one based on height alone.

    I think the best way for you to come off as nonthreatening is to have a friendly looking face. If that's not natural for you (it's not for me), just focus on smiling a lot.

  • 7 ft is too tall for me, but you should really go for a tall woman :p they don't really like when guys such as yourself date short or petite girls and they need love too

    That's cool that you're tall though. Better than being short

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  • I used to work with a guy that height.

    He used to get swarmed by women in clubs.

    A female coworker who was out with him once actually got shoved out of the way by women trying to get at him.

    It may be that many women think its too tall, but those that like it, and a lot do, love it.

  • girls love tall guys, most women like the feeling of being small compared to a guy they want to be with, hence most women feel the want or even need to be dominated, even when it comes to stature.

  • Girls love tall guys you have nothing to worry about

  • They instantly get wet panties