How to train for half marathon?

I'm soon to be 20 years old this May so I have decided to register for a half marathon as apart of 'my 19 years old era ends well' and this event is in April. But looking at my condition right now I'm not in a good shape in addition to that I'm and obese but looking at a bright side this motivate me to work hard and get into shape,while helping to raise money for charity.Should I do this or not? If yes,how am I going to start this whole training?


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  • 1. Start running.

    2. Buy some good running shoes (like asics)

    3. Keep running.

    4. never stop running

    5. become the forest gump

    6. You will be fine just run as much as you can to train

    running is great training for anything you do, and a great way to burn calories.


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  • The best way to prepare for a marathon is to start running. Run half a mile three times for a week, a mile three times for a week, etc etc until you can run the marathon's distance without stopping.

    A proper diet, a good mindset, and prepation will ensure success.

  • Take it slowly. Run about 2 kilometers today, then 3 tomorrow, then 4 tomorrow and so on. Take it slowly. March comes and you'll be running the whole half marathon hands down.


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  • Just have a good diet, drink plenty of water daily and start running. Maybe on a treadmill at first and start off slow. A half marathon is what like 13 miles so you have plenty of time to get ready. Aim for one mile at first, after a time or two push yourself to go two miles and so on. Pace yourself and just keep at it. I think its a great idea and wish you good luck with it(: