Do guys like winged eye makeup ? Look at the picture below if you don't know what it means.

Do guys like winged eye makeup ? Look at the picture below if you don't know what it means. link



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  • Short answer: usually not.

    Yes, done right, on the right girl, it can look attractive, but it always looks like a LOT of eye makeup, and that always screams to me "trying too hard" and "hiding behind a mask." Other people have said "only for special occasions", and I agree; sometimes it's fun to put on a mask and be different, and that's fine. But if you're doing that much every day, I'm going to wonder why you are afraid to be seen as yourself.

    Those special occasions (possibly) aside, when it comes to make-up, less is more.

    • nice answer ty :)

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  • it depends if your ugly or not. that's all it comes down to.

  • Well, I voted B but can't really tell if other guys hate it or not. I can't generalize after all. But I can tell that I hate it. It's not going to change the way I think about a girl, but I do not like the winged eyes.

    • Okay thanks :)

  • If its done correctly it can look really attractive

  • I've seen it be super pretty/hot. But on the girls in the links I find it so-so

  • Nope. Not in the least. Didn't like it the last time that was popular. In like the early 80's.

    • hahaha ty

  • It really all depends on you and your own face but with the right face yes I like it

  • I think it only looks good if the girl is attractive to begin with and can afford to draw a lot of attention to herself. If a girl is only average looking, I think she's better off with something more subtle and go for hte girl next door look instead.

  • yeah if you're not fat

    • Thank god I'm not fat xD

  • Not a fan.

  • The first one is okay. Not totally crazy about it though. The second one is retarded. I hate it when girls do it like that. Looks so stupid.

    • hahaha xD

  • No

  • The firat girl is ao pretty that whatever she does, the reat of the face will distract you. The second one is also OK but I watched Demi Lavato do it a lot in X Factor and it would look terrble with her.

    • just too a look at it ... ewwww

  • I think it can be attractive if executed properly, but if not it looks kinda sketchy. First pic: great. Second pic: not really digging it.

    • Er no. It just doesn't look the best.

    • the 2nd one looks like a sketch ?

  • I don't think any guy thinks "OMG her winged makeup is spectacular!", but we appreciate women who look good and part of that is knowing how to enhance your face with make up. One form of make up is going to be much the same as another for a guy.

  • Interesting that girls seem to know what guys like apparently on the poll. LOL

    They probably read the wrong magazines or have boyfriend of which some just pretend to like it.

    Where as the guys vote in the polls is even.

    • Other then holloween with the correct costume I do not like the look.

    • so what do you think about it ?

  • Not on the Asian girl, she could use the eyelid surgery. The white girls was gorgeous, though.

    • EmpressMe - Plain, average, typical...Sounds like you've got hangups over White girls..

      Asians get the eyelid surgery I'm referring to very often...Actually, it is thee most popular plastic surgery procedure in all of Asia, so..

    • lol yeah I think this is the worst answer ever xD

    • There was really no need for this

      For a site with a bunch of anti-surgery fools you'd think they could stick to their preaching when giving answers

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  • so far its a 50/50 for guys and girls seem to like it on themselves lol.

    It can look nice or rather hot, but as long as you are not drawing wings that would allow you to fly to Europe. Some girls really make them too large and it's not nice anymore, If it remains kind of light (like for the Asian girl) yeah it looks pretty.

    So it all depends on your skills and how you make them on yourself I'd say.

    • ty :)

  • Not usually, but sometimes it works well with their outfit.

  • depends on the girl and her facial structure/features. 1st girl looks hot 2nd does not.

  • It's really attractive when attention is not being drawn to it. For example using a different color or a really bold line instead of a thin one. The first link is as far as I would find attractive. Anything more is too much.

  • I like it. But not always. Maybe on some more special events...

  • It can look good sometimes.. but girls are prettier without makeup, or just bare minimum like foundation (a good one, not that orange looking sh*t) applied sparingly and not caked on and mascera. Any more than that tends to hide the natural beauty.

    • ty :)

    • Not a big fan of it, but any more than a little bit of a good foundation and some mascara is too much imo. Sorry if it was confusing. I was having a bad day with my fibromyalgia and my brain was foggy.

    • hmm I didn't get it .

      Do you like mascara or not ?

  • It's nice looking but kind of slutty and a bit deceptive

    • You are welcome :)

    • haha okay ty :)

    • A little bit. And nothing wrong with a slutty look at times. To me slut is not a bad word and there is a time and place for everything.

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  • personally it depends on the subject. It may work on some girls but not others, and of course, I will like it if its on a cute girl but if shed look better without it then you know the answer. some guys appreciate fashion, but this is makeup and it can always be avoided

  • Personally I don't like any makeup, I don't know why I just hate it

  • Sometimes I've seen it and looks pretty good like in the first pic. but other times it looks kind of weird or fake. It doesn't look as good on the second girl.

  • I wouldn't use it all the time. Only at special events

  • I like its creative expression of style.

  • Yes. That with bangs, so hot.

    • :) ty

  • It's hot

  • i like it... :)

  • It's good for special occasions and do not put on too much. However for every day use it's a bit much.

    • no problem. :)

    • Okay thanks :)

  • Not a fan.

  • it can be hot, the first pic is an example of that, but that lady also has a stylist so if you do it yourself be careful and I'd say err on the side of too little makeup rather than too much.

    This look is OK but often overdone. In my opinion I prefer other looks but the "winged" look isn't necessarily bad

    • Nice answer ty :)

  • It can be hot, but girls have a tendency to overdo it with makeup. I say play it safe and if your gonna do makeup at all, just do the basics

  • Hard to say. Can look OK, but in general no make up is best.

  • I think it makes you look funy, maybe good on a night out, but not for a 'normal' everyday look imo

    • haha yeah my bro told me its really funny :D

  • Yea, because it wakes the hidden potential beauty from a girl xD

  • Yes, it looks very attractive.

  • It's okay but I don't love it

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What Girls Said 12

  • I think if its noticeable then its not attractive, the point is for it to make your lashes look longer... Try to blend it better/make it not so heavy.. that's what I do.

  • It looks nice when you're going out, but you HAVE to do it right and make sure it doesn't smudge or it will look stupid.

  • I wear my eyeliner where the top is rounded and arched instead of a straight wing. I got complimented by a creepy Batman yesterday who worked as a doppleganger for photos in front of the Chinese Theater.

    I had one guy a year ago that told me to wear eyeliner because it makes me look hot.

  • At face value they hate it

    In reality, if an attractive girl is wearing that they won't care or notice

  • Obviously the first link is beautiful, it's Diana Agron. But the second link isn't attractive. I think that if you're going to wear eyeliner, you should wear mascara as well. It makes your eyes look less beady.

  • I don't think they like the cat eye look

  • OH the first link! Her eyes are so amazing!

  • I voted A, but honestly, I think that too many girls overdo it. A little goes a long way

  • Lol that's how I usually do my eye make up.

  • Some do, some don't. I think it's cute for special occasions, but not for everyday.

  • 2nd pic is how I wear my eye liner. I have always got positive feedback.

    • Most of the guys are saying it looks slutty :O

    • same :o

  • i love cat eyes and I do them almost every morning if I don't decide to go cleopatra. And I haven't heard a guy complain about it.