Do guys like winged eye makeup ? Look at the picture below if you don't know what it means.




  • Yes guys love winged eye makeup
    60% (15)44% (14)51% (29)Vote
  • No guys hate it on girls
    40% (10)56% (18)49% (28)Vote
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Short answer: usually not.

    Yes, done right, on the right girl, it can look attractive, but it always looks like a LOT of eye makeup, and that always screams to me "trying too hard" and "hiding behind a mask." Other people have said "only for special occasions", and I agree; sometimes it's fun to put on a mask and be different, and that's fine. But if you're doing that much every day, I'm going to wonder why you are afraid to be seen as yourself.

    Those special occasions (possibly) aside, when it comes to make-up, less is more.

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What Guys Said 43

  • it can be hot, the first pic is an example of that, but that lady also has a stylist so if you do it yourself be careful and I'd say err on the side of too little makeup rather than too much.

    This look is OK but often overdone. In my opinion I prefer other looks but the "winged" look isn't necessarily bad

  • Yes, it looks very attractive.

  • i like it... :)

  • Well, I voted B but can't really tell if other guys hate it or not. I can't generalize after all. But I can tell that I hate it. It's not going to change the way I think about a girl, but I do not like the winged eyes.

  • Not usually, but sometimes it works well with their outfit.

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What Girls Said 12

  • Lol that's how I usually do my eye make up.

  • Some do, some don't. I think it's cute for special occasions, but not for everyday.

  • I voted A, but honestly, I think that too many girls overdo it. A little goes a long way

  • 2nd pic is how I wear my eye liner. I have always got positive feedback.

  • I wear my eyeliner where the top is rounded and arched instead of a straight wing. I got complimented by a creepy Batman yesterday who worked as a doppleganger for photos in front of the Chinese Theater.

    I had one guy a year ago that told me to wear eyeliner because it makes me look hot.

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