Guys, why would you evidently look down to the ground when you see a certain girl?

Would you do this to a certain girl sometimes because you don't want to see her face.


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  • Maybe because he doesn't want to talk to you so he's avoiding any kind of contact.

    • That sounds about right

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    • I don't think so he's avoiding coversation because he probaly knows that I'm not the type to go upto someone that I don't know and then make conversation. Also, he approached me once for a conversation.

    • If he doesn't think you'll talk with him that's a good reason to avoid eye contact with you.


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  • Searching for stray pennies? Sudden neck disorder? Shyness? Fear that she'll want to make eye contact and talk? Or, maybe I like her real well, and I'm afraid she might not like me. Your choice.

  • he problably doesn't know what to say. I am kind of like this guy when I am around my friends or girls I know well I am outgoing and talkative but when I am around certain girls I can be intimidated and look everywhere but at her to avoid conversation because I don't want to make a bad inpresion or don't know what to sya. I usually do this when I like someone so it could be a positive.

    • Thanks for the answer

      However I don't think he is looking down because he is trying to avoid conversation with me. As I think he has figured out that I am not the type of girl to start a conversation with him. He was walking past me, I turned my head to look in his direction and saw that he was looking down.

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    • I don't know, that's the thing that I'm trying to figure out.

    • It sounds like he does. he may be avoiding eye contact because he thinks you want talk to him because your not intersted. try showing more intrest in him.

  • shy

    • He is so not shy though

    • Maybe he's shy around you because he likes you.... he gets nervous and doesn't want to screw anything up

  • He is shy.

    • But this guy is not shy, I've seen the way he talks with his mates

    • What I meant to say is he is shy and he likes you.

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