Would I look weird with a nose piercing*stud*?

I wanna get my nose piecred with a stud but I want opinions if I would look weird or not. also how long does it take to heal. I play bball like year round so I don't know if its the right time to get it. I know some say that some people can't pull it off. Do you think I good or no? Be honest thx!:)



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  • Post your picture on imageshack/tinypic or something >.>

    That site requires a yahoo account and the pic is set to private.

    I have only seen one girl who can actually pull off a small nose ring, facial piercings lower your attractiveness generally.

    If you want to know ANYTHING like how long it takes to heal, just google it.

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  • i'm not a big fan of the non-ear piercings but the nose studs are easily the most of attractive of non-ear piercings. Often times I can barely even tell a nose piercing is there...Go for it if you want. A stud should be safe enough unless someone just straight up grabs it but it shouldn't cause many problems

  • I'm not a fan of that look, and you run the risk of snagging it on someone's arm or clothing in a close contact sport like basketball.

  • what's up with you children getting sh*t stuck in your faces? Of course it will look wierd. Every time I see a kid with a bunch of peircings I think that this person must have low self respect for herself and will do anything to get noticed. It really doesn't make a person any more appealing to me. I say stick to stuffing your bra if you want attention from the guys at your jr. high school

    • lol stuffing your bra? really? that's the best you could do hahaha no one does that anymore but thx for your imput..not really...but thx anyway:)!

    • sorry if that was rude but I just think you could have said you opininon nicer

  • If you want to, go for it. All that matters is if you like it.

  • I think it would look fine, probably healing time would be a few months, I'm not sure about that.

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  • No I think it'd look cute,idk about a nose ring since those are hard to pull off.I don't think it takes that long to heal but I've never got one,my friend did and she didn't complain about it.

  • I think it'd look good (: cute top btw!

  • I love nose rings or studs