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Do I have superpowers?

I have a remarkably good sixth sense. I can almost always tell what the clock is either exactly or +/- 2 min. if I have looked a watch some hours... Show More

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  • I've had that too but I'm kinda of. Psychi...nah jk it could be a coincidence

  • Superpower no. Rainman yes.

  • Sorry to break it for you but you don't have superpowers. What you're doing is exercising your brain by calculating and estimating numbers.

  • u should apply for the superhero nations, I hear the incredibles are hiring, and superman is going to retire.

    maybe you suck at math but your talents are under a more specific category relating to math

  • I wouldn't say a sixth sense. A sixth sense is a keen intuition or A supposed intuitive faculty giving awareness not explicable in terms of normal perception[google]. It seems your very good with calculations. If I were you I'd try my hand at card counting.

  • You have very good spatial relation and a trusty internal clock.

  • I know things about people they probably don't even know about themselves, psychologically speaking.

    I'm not good at talking, asking questions like a psychiatrist would do, but I sure can figure someone's personality based on a 2 minutes talk.

    I'm good at spotting virgin girls, raped girls & bitches.

  • no? no one has super powers its all fiction. just because you can tell time without a watch doesn't mean anything. the day light outside and where the sun is in the shy can help you tell time that way..

  • I wouldn't say super powers...but I would love to have you around when I'm at baby showers playing that stupid guessing game of ho many jellybeans are in a bottle :)

  • you're just smart bud

  • I think you are just brilliant and highly observant.

  • If you are then I am too.

  • Sounds like Dustin Hoffman in RainMan.

  • Ooohh! So now there's internet access in the white rooms with padded walls. xD Nice!

  • You are just very very smart and know how to calculate quantities and time. I think you are a very good cook.

    • He cooked for you?

    • Actually it varies; I often estimate certain quantities of spices without looking at a recipe - sometimes the outcome is wonderful, other times not.

  • My va jay jay has super powers :D

  • Some people have a more accurate biological clock.

What Guys Said 5

  • You should hook up with a carnival guessing peoples weight, whilst drinking to excess.

  • Of course you do. Now the next thing is you must start making a career out of it and you can amass a hefty amount of money without busting a gut. All the best.

  • Make a costume that fits your power and ill be sure to invite you to the avengers

  • i don't believe in superpowers, do I believe in child prodigies, or people with remarkable abilities which is something you have got. I would work on it, and maybe something remarkable can come of it. maybe you can become really could at maths, once you have worked on this ability, but maths is something you have practice really hard to become good at, maths is a skill. and skill takes practice practice to become great at.

    Ambitious parents who are currently playing the “Baby Mozart” video for their toddlers may be disappointed to learn that Mozart became Mozart by working furiously hard. Years of deliberate practice can actually change the body and the brain, which is why world-class performers are different from the rest of us. But they didn’t start that way. and this is true.

    unfortunately the media and society has done great job of brainwashing us, to think we are crap or we will never become something great ,and if we are not gifted we are doomed to fail., and also they have done great job of making most people think that every little lump and bump or illness is cancer.

    too say you have superpowers, would really being saying you can fly, breath fire etc, not being able to tell the time without the watch or knowing how items there is without counting.

  • Do you offer free licks?

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