Guys, Would you notice?

1)I was wondering would you notice when a girl has changed the perfume she uses? Does have to be someone special to you for you to notice the change? Or do none of you even notice?

2) Is there any kind of way a girl smells that drives you crazy?( not BO, The good kinda fragrance.)


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  • I generally don't like the fruity smells, they just remind me of high school girls who used to drench themselves in strawberry, oranges or whatever.

    However, if a girl walks by and she has perfume on I immediately am more attracted or at least put into a different mind set given the smell. It sends a signal "hey, I want to get noticed."


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  • I guess youd have to get close enought to her on a regular basis to notice the change in perfume.

    Some perfumes smell good, some dont. Each to his own. Just use what you like the smell of I guess, I personaly hate "passionfruit" smelling ones...

  • I pay very close attention to the people that I know, male or female, and I'll take notice or stock if they've changed anything about themselves. I'm very observant and complimentary. But there isn't any smell that drives me crazy unless she's wearing too much of it~

  • 1. I'd probably notice because it's such a strong smell. lol

    2. Perfume hurts my nose, so... lol


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