Do all guys look at other girls?

is there anyway that its humanly possible that the only girl my boyfriend wants is me?

ok when I say look, I meant to specify... obviously he will SEE other girls as they come into his vision. but does he have to be thinking about them?


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  • Just as was said before, there's a big difference between looking and wanting. He might admire the way a girl looks. He might even only take it as far as just noticing her. It could mean nothing. In other cases, he might asses her attractiveness. No big. Try not to let it bother you. It will happen. It will happen on either side.

    Why do I say that? Tell me with complete honesty that you do not in any way look at other guys. Tell me you never just look, with or without wanting. You can't. Not honestly. I'm actually quite sure that you'd say something like "OK, maybe I do..." followed either by a "but I'm not into them" or "it's not like I want them." Right? Well, it's the same for guys. It's the same for everybody. If you want him to be completely blind to other women, then you're asking too much. You ask the impossible. Same as if he asked the same of you.

    Sorry, but this is just how it is.

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      Re: first update - Ah, well that's different. Yes, it's possible. I am always like that. With all my relationships, I only have eyes for the girl I'm with. Sure I see other girls, maybe check out how they look, or what they're wearing, maybe I'd assess their looks, or something. I might think they're pretty, or anything, but you know something? It's not like I want them. I'm not going to chase them or fantasize about them. It's just looking. That's about it, and I'm certainly not leaving her.

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      Don't worry about it. Besides, going by your profile pictures, you look like a tough act to follow. He seems like a lucky guy. Especially since you seem to care so much about him.

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