Do all guys look at other girls?

is there anyway that its humanly possible that the only girl my boyfriend wants is me?

ok when I say look, I meant to specify... obviously he will SEE other girls as they come into his vision. but does he have to be thinking about them?


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  • Just as was said before, there's a big difference between looking and wanting. He might admire the way a girl looks. He might even only take it as far as just noticing her. It could mean nothing. In other cases, he might asses her attractiveness. No big. Try not to let it bother you. It will happen. It will happen on either side.

    Why do I say that? Tell me with complete honesty that you do not in any way look at other guys. Tell me you never just look, with or without wanting. You can't. Not honestly. I'm actually quite sure that you'd say something like "OK, maybe I do..." followed either by a "but I'm not into them" or "it's not like I want them." Right? Well, it's the same for guys. It's the same for everybody. If you want him to be completely blind to other women, then you're asking too much. You ask the impossible. Same as if he asked the same of you.

    Sorry, but this is just how it is.

    • Re: first update - Ah, well that's different. Yes, it's possible. I am always like that. With all my relationships, I only have eyes for the girl I'm with. Sure I see other girls, maybe check out how they look, or what they're wearing, maybe I'd assess their looks, or something. I might think they're pretty, or anything, but you know something? It's not like I want them. I'm not going to chase them or fantasize about them. It's just looking. That's about it, and I'm certainly not leaving her.

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    • Don't worry about it. Besides, going by your profile pictures, you look like a tough act to follow. He seems like a lucky guy. Especially since you seem to care so much about him.

    • :)

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  • A few guys are like that, but they are a small minority.

    The vast majority of men feel attracted on some level to all attractive women.

    They -choose- to be monogamous because they want that special relationship, not because they can't imagine sex with others.

  • you can not control your thoughts, just your actionsm you feel jealousy, reasonable, but you can not help it, you can CHOOSE not to make a big deal about it, but you can not choose not feeling it, you can try and supress it a lot, but it WILL be there, he can work hard (I do it) to keep himself from looking, but the desire or the imagination will work even if he tries hard to avoid it, only thing he can choose is not giving up to temptation, but not feeling it would be like not being human.

    you look at men, perhaps much less, perhaps is not even physical and you find yourself emotionally atracted to a poet or singer, does that means your man is not enough? or that you want others seriously? I bet not.

    may sound cynic, but it is also kind of "sad" if two people are together because there is no other choice, you 2 have choices, hot women and men around you, perhaps some charming, perhaps some truly tempting, perhaps some begging for your attention or his, it is GOOD, in fact better or even more romantic, I am with my Girlfriend not because she is the onlky one I aknowledge, I aknowledge and can appreciate a lot of cuties, but I CHOOSE her, everyday, and I know she can have other men, some great men, but she CHOOSES me, otherwise it would be like being in a deserted island and be like "well since we are the only two here we may as well do it now", and you bet even then the boy would be having wet dreams about mermaids :P

  • Don't confuse looking and wanting, they are mutually exclusive actions and the former cannot be stopped even by the most infatuated and devoted partner.

    • yeah when I said looking I meant wanting... that's my oops. should have been more clear

    • Got it-if it is the right girl for him(and vice versa) and the guy and girl each keep the relationship fun and special, neither party (guy included) should want anyone else. I've been there, it is possible.

    • thanks:)

  • All guys well look at other girls, it's their nature as men. Does that mean he'll cheat on you or like another girl more than you? Not at all. It's very possible that he wants to be with only you, but he will look when a pretty girl walks by, he's genetically wired to notice them.

    • i know he'll loook at them, but I mean oogle them..

    • When you're not looking? Of course. He's a guy.

  • I think it's natural for girls and guys to notice attractive people while in a relationship. People shouldn't be pigs though they should at least try to give the person their with their attention.

    • OH well nah if I see a girl I don't need to be thinking of her.. I can control my thoughts and I'm not good at multitasking to begin with so I'd focus on the girl I'm with.

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    • Sorry maybe I wasn't very clear either. Guys around your age are driven by their hormones and it's hard for them to keep their eyes from wandering. Once they mature a bit it won't be a problem as much. I can focus solely on the girl I'm with because I'm not a wild animal driven by my hormones.

    • well he's a tad bit older than I am. I think he's pretty mature. but you even see old guys looking at girls and stuff.

  • Eyes are for to see, Women do the same thing some even act slick and pretend they know them from school or work lol.

    This is more of an insecure issue, try to work on that 1st. because its only human to look. now if he's holding your hand and a woman walks past him and he turns around and says Damn, than you need to have a talk with him.

    • hahaha yeah you have a point

  • Heck, I'm single and I may find other girls pretty or attractive, but if care for a girl as in a crush all others tend to be out of my mind . Then again I like to concentrate on one thing at a time that means women as well, could multitask but I'm tired and don't want to.

  • Yeah, for me at least I only focus on one girl

    • good to hear... my guy really is one of the sweet ones but seeing pigs makes me wonder if there's one in him that he's just hiding from me

  • Yes; develop a virus that kills every other female on the planet and keep the cure to yourself.

    As long as he just looks casually and isn't obnoxious about it, or off chasing tail at the first opportunity, you shouldn't complain. It is natural for men to look around. Find the right guy and it will be limited to looking, even when you're not around.

    • virus sounds good

    • As long as you don't mind being bothered by 3 billion guys.

    • haha no that's actually a terrible idea. but I agree, and he's not even annoying about it. he hardly does it if at all

  • no it isn't impossible has to be a mature guy who really only wants you. most guys look I don't I also believe woman aren't sexual play toys or things to be stared at. that's just me tho

  • I would finish all over your rockin t*ts

  • All guys look, just like all girls look or think about other guys eventually.


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  • At your age? No, ahahaha, that's just part of hormones. But, eventually boys grow up and get over it. They'll admire other girls' looks but you will be the only one he thinks about in a sexual way, you'll be the only one he wants. But that's mature trait so in high school it might be a little hard to find. But yes, yes it is perfectly possible.

    • at my age?


      youre too close in age to me to be talking to me like I'm 12. ill be 18 in a few days and your 22...

      he's your age, is that too immature?

      (sorry but I'm sensative about my age)

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    • an irrational insecurity. But it is something you can overcome- I did. It just takes looking into yourself, gaining confidence, knowing that even if he does think "Damn I'd tap that" it doesn't matter because he doesn't wish you were that. If he wanted that he wouldn't have picked YOU. He may think about how sexy a girl is but you are the sexiest, and you are the one that really gets him going and makes him feel good, you are the one he likes to look at the most.

    • you sure wrote an awful lot... didn't really want to read it all but I think I get the point. I have life experience. I've been through more than my fair share of "life experiences", I've had a few jobs too, and I just want to be respected. I don't enjoy being talked down to that's all...but my question was only to see if perhaps all men are pigs. I trust my boyfriend, he's one of those guys that women can only dream of, I only wanted opinions on men looking around, not my age

  • he wants you, but he will look at other girls as long as he can see.

    • i look at other pretty girls too :)

      it's okay to admire pretty things

    • this is true. I see cute guys. but I don't want them. I only want him

  • yes. we all check out other people of the opposite sex. it's human nature to look. especially for men more than women because men are more visual and that is just how they are wired. however he loves you, he chose to be with you, as long as he treats you well it is normal for him to look at other girls.