Do these chicks like me?

Ok I just recently moved to NJ in a pretty wealthy area and at my high school or at mall wherever I go almost I have girls just staring at me. Today I was at the mall with my bro and a group of girls were like just staring at me sort of giggling/chatting to each other quietly? and at school I notice in class ill turn around and stuff and a girl who was looking at me turns away fastly. do they like me or what cause they never ask me out?. so I am 18 year old white male 5'10 Blue eyes dark brown hair and not to brag at all but I am pretty good looking guy.


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  • They must think you're really really good looking. Like ridiculously really, really good looking.

    Must be nice that you're so ridiculously really, really good looking & I'm so ugly. Even my name, "Hansel" is ridiculously really, really ugly

    Screw it, I'm getting a pizza.



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  • are you 5? you start swearing at people because they give you an answer you don't like? grow up! and grow a pair! go talk to them instead of asking people!

  • Well you do seem a bit braggy, since it took you two profiles to ask this question, well anyway, I wouldn't say these chicks like you seeing as most of them don't know you, but they like what they see. And since you're getting all this attention from these chicks there'll be a small chance of getting rejected, so you can ease their worries and ask them out instead of waiting on them.

    • stfu nigga. you lost me in the first few words. Posting multiple questions to get more answers? who gives a f***.

  • if you think you're a pretty good looking guy and they are giggling it's probably that. braggy lol. ijk...sorta anyways post a photo up if you want reality.


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  • Did you just make a new account to ask this question again? Lololol obviously if they are all staring at you should talk to them and not waste time asking the same question on here.

    • ye so what d***head. Multiple answers, better.

    • Chill out, just trying to help you out here buddy :). Seriously if ALL the girls are looking at you like that then you must be a super model or just really delusional. So here's what you do to find out which one is the case, the next girl that eye rapes you, just walk up to her and introduce yourself. Easy as that.

  • What if they are laughing at you? They could be like: "Hey, see that brown haired dude over there? I bet he has a tiny pecker!"