Do these chicks like me?

Ok I just recently moved to NJ in a pretty wealthy area and at my high school or at mall wherever I go almost I have girls just staring at me. Today I was at the mall with my bro and a group of girls were like just staring at me sort of giggling/chatting to each other quietly? and at school I notice in class ill turn around and stuff and a girl who was looking at me turns away fastly. do they like me or what cause they never ask me out?. so I am 18 year old white male 5'10 Blue eyes dark brown hair and not to brag at all but I am pretty good looking guy.


Most Helpful Guy

  • They must think you're really really good looking. Like ridiculously really, really good looking.

    Must be nice that you're so ridiculously really, really good looking & I'm so ugly. Even my name, "Hansel" is ridiculously really, really ugly

    Screw it, I'm getting a pizza.