Why would a guy want to see you in your undies but not touch?

He has a girlfriend and we have been friends. He wanted me to lift up my shirt (but not take it off) and let him see. He did not want to touch me but just look. He wanted to cop a feel between my legs or finger me. Wanted me to "show him something" but did not want to do anything. He has never asked me to do that before. What is up with that?


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  • He is a cheater and a perv. I would stop the friendship before he starts asking for more. Perhaps threaten to tell his girlfriend if it continues. I hope you did not do what he asked of you? Get away from this loser. Give him a blow up doll and call it a day.

    • It is funny how a person can go from being your friend, then more than a friend, then hated and then your whore in just a few months. Not good enough to be the girlfriend, but good enough to play with. He nos how to play with my emotions. Caught me off guard is all.

    • Just stand up to him. Tell him he is the joke and you don't need him or hid friendship. I would still suggest the blow up doll though. :)


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  • Sounds like his girlfriend needs to keep him in check. Guys are dogs anything that smells good or looks good we will look at and in fairness unless you hate the girl he's with you should stop before it gets worse.

    • I don't even know the girl and I have done just that, stopped it. He wanted to have sex with me the next time I saw him. I have just decided to put some distance between the two of us for right now, let them have their thing. It has been almost three months. He can not have both of us. He made his decision a while back when he picked her even though he said that he still loved me. He knows what is best for him and it was not me back then. Now he wants to come sniffing around?.

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  • Maybe he's getting bored of his girlfriend and he wants to see if your up for the taking.