Guys why doesn't he smile?

Okay so there's this guy that works at this buffet thing in my college he's given me food once. Ever since then whenever I come to the buffet he and I make eye contact. One time we made eye contact and I smiled but he didn't smile back. So now every time I come to the buffet he and I do the whole look at each other thing. He never smiles but he's not frowning either. I can not read his face expression whatesover, he is kind of emotionless. I mean I'm interested but I can't tell if he is, I mean he will look at me but is he just looking because he knows I am. Guys would you make eye cotact with a girl you were not interested in, or is it more of he knows I'm interested so I'm going to humor her? I mean if you liked a girl you would smile at her right?


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  • I totally got this one,i swear ud b talking about me if I worked in a buffet, if he's anything like me, which it does sound like where just serious looking, doesn't makes him trying to hide his feelings or things of the sort, if he's starring then yea young lady gung ho, go get em tiger, and most of the time yes (the smile thing) but sometimes I've had girls smile and I haven't responded cause either I'm somewhere else or just cause your smile locked me up and I don't know what to do

  • Yes, he's kinda interested. Perhaps, he doesn't want to show that he's interested that's why the poker face.


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