Are these signs he likes me or am I just being ridiculous?

There's a guy I like and I was pretty sure he liked me. The other day he walked past my desk looking at me and then slowly pushed the button to open the door all while looking at me and I just kept working but could see him put of the corner of my eye. Later that day he walked by me again and so this time he was looking and as he looked away I looked up and smiled and then he gave me like this cute little sideways Elvis like grin. I've also caught him staring at me several times and one time in the cafeteria he was with his friends and one of them said something to him then he turned around and looked at me while I was in line and I was the only one in line.


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  • It definitely sounds like he likes you


What Girls Said 1

  • You are definitely not being ridiculous, but don't read too into it. Hey may be attracted to you but, if this is the only interaction you've had, that might just be it. The next time you see him or he sees you try talking to him maybe even flirt a little. As hard as it is to remember guys are a lot like us girls they get nervous too. From what you have said he most likely is attracted to you but doesn't know how to approach you.