Do girls care about the age, and do girls like slim guys?

Just curious, I am 30 year old, very healthy, flat belly, very muscular chest, not bad looks wise, but I am a bit on the slim side, 30ish waist, and weighing around 140/145 lbs. Is being skinny/slim a turn off for girls? Do girls go for looks/body as the first impression or do they wait to see the personality.

I know there is no black and white answers to such questions, but just in general, you know ...

Also, do girls care about the age, like will a 21/22 year old girl go out with a 30/31 year old guy?


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  • I can't speak for all women, but for me it totally depends on personality. The guy I'm currently crushing on is 32 (I'm 24) and super skinny, but what I noticed first about him was that he is extremely funny. After talking to him for a while it came across that he was also very smart and extremely thoughtful, and I was hooked. I don't think his body type would've made a lick of difference after I realized those things, so if you're worried that women won't be into you because you're a bit slim, it's really nothing to be concerned about.


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  • Girls wouldn't usually notice those small details. As long as you present yourself with good-looking features, girls will definitely like someone like you.

  • I appreciate this, I'm a slim guy with similar worries, so it put me at ease a bit.
    Thank you :)

  • All girls like skinny guys with some muscles. Some even like twigs but no girl likes the stump