In need of a swim suit....

I know I have a few months before swimsuit season, but I'm in need of a new one.

The thing is, there are a couple factors hindering me just going to the store and buying one.

1) I am 5'4 and weigh between 110 and 115 lbs so I am rather slight.

2) I have a 32C bust, which, on my frame, is actually rather small. That is to say, I don't have a "big C" as they're called. I could pass for a large B cup or a C cup.

3) When I lay down, my breasts tend to just go to the side of my frame and since they're small, they basically disappear.

4) My boyfriend's mother is very jugmental of me as I happen to be slightly older than her son and it's obvious she doesn't want us dating.

So, taking this into account, what suit works best for me?

I'd want a bikini if at all possible, but you need to factor in that I need some added support up top in order to make it look like yes, my boobs exist lol. I've tried the string bikinis before and while they work on my bottom, they make me look very flat up top.

I have an athletic build. I am slight, with narrow hips, and small curves. I need a suit that makes me look like I have curves.

However, I would also like the suit to be something I can wear around my boyfriend's family. So it has to be somewhat modest. His mother and his two sisters are taller and broader than I am with more "womanly" forms. His sisters, though chubby, are beautiful full women with the boobs and the curves and all that. And then there's me, looking like a rail or a walking string bean.

If you could post links that might flatter a figure like mine, I'd greatly appreciate it when I go looking for a suit.


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  • You realize most lingerie models have smaller breasts than you, right?


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  • Go for a one piece; they are more modest, and you can find them that add curves to any slight woman like you.

    Don't let this bother you. It's good yu keep in shape and don't have a lot of flab like his mom and sisters!

  • as I'm not a girl I can't really help, but I will throw in my 2 cents. you can still get a sexy outfit for him while maintaining modesty for his mother, be it you buy a bikini and wear a shawl and tank top while not in the water or something more conservative like a one piece...or go for both, that way you can appeal to both your boyfriend and his mother

  • Something that makes you look like you have a "chest" and modest, don't go together...pick one or the other


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