What do employers look at -- really?

Are employers looking at your grades, or your skills?

I'm taking massage therapy, and I'm getting decent marks -- okay, let's be honest, my marks are the minimum I need to be getting in each class. (70%, B-, 2.3...whatever you call it) But when it comes to performance exams, (Basically, we demonstrate we know how to massage.) I'm getting 90s, and up on these exams. So when it comes time to finally look for a job, will an employer really take my grades into consideration? Or will they more so, look at my performance?

(Now, I'm not saying entering a job without knowing ANYTHING, on how something works...or you know, not knowing where the biceps are :P)


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  • If you're a girl, they are looking at your breasts


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  • A degree is like your entry test.

    That means you're qualified to compete. That's it. Then it's all about experience and skills. Employers don't give two sh*ts about your degree for the most part.

  • From what I learned in the past to now, employers tend to look at experience and skills more then grades. Your grades can only mean so much and go so far. Can you actually preform and do the job

  • Confidence, being personable, honesty, leadership qualities, creative thinking, experience and competence

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    • :( We're not alll like that!

    • I was trying to make you laugh.

    • Massage therapy, IS a regulated health care profession (in Ontario) and should, but isn't taken seriously. It's a lot of work. It's places that still offer happy endings which give massage a terrible reputation.

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  • My sister majored in veterinary technology. She didn't make top grades in lectures, but she did well in labs and during her clinical rotations. She's now a nurse at an emergency veterinary hospital--and she knows what she's doing.

    Employers want people who can actually do the job. Getting good grades doesn't necessarily mean you can put the theory into practice. Besides, you don't even have to put your GPA when you apply for a job.