How intently will you stare at someone you like?

Do you let them catch you? Do you maintain the stare even after they notice?

There's a (rather cute) girl who started working at my company the other week. She walks by my desk a lot, and I've caught her glancing at me a few times. Sometimes I catch her and she just keeps looking and we hold eye contact for a couple seconds. And sometimes it almost makes me a little uncomfortable because I haven't talked to her yet... The weirdest was today when she walked right in front of my desk this morning, looking at me with head fully turned. It took me a sec to notice and look up from my computer, and I caught her direct gaze from 2 ft away so I quickly looked back at my screen before noticing that she was still looking and we made eye contact for the duration that she passed. I smiled a little at her, she didn't smile at all. It was so weird haha

Is that normal, do girls do that? Do I have something on my face?

It keeps happening - glances several times daily and full on prolonged eye contact this afternoon! The killer is now that we've eye-f***cked so much, I don't know how to start a conversation with her...


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  • I think she might be into you. We don't usually try to glance if we aren't interested. IF she is interested she is either doing what this girl is doing or if she is very shy probably avoiding you. I don't stare at guys I like too intently because that is creepy and weird...what she is doing is good and what I usually do.

    Answer mine please?


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  • it depends really...if I think there is some strange connection, I will let them catch me and then I will smile and laugh...


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  • You maybe catching on to something here. Introduce yourself to her and create a conversation.

    Judging by what you say she holds some interest in you.

  • Staring is creepy. Give a casual glance every now and then.