Do girls look okay with lip piercings?

I'm thinking about getting a monroe piercing. So my question is for anyone that has a lip piercing. Does it hurt really bad getting one done? Does it leave a hole in your face if you decide to take it out? And lastly, do you think they look trashy?


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  • Total turn off for me. Metal hanging from your lip looks like a grenade went off in your mouth. As a guy, why would I want to a massive piece of metal in MY mouth if I went in to kiss you. Plus, your mouth is highly prone to infection and you can lose sensitivity with that pierce. Stick with the ear pierces, they are much more classy. I personally think they look trashy. It says "look at me, if I didn't have this ring, I wouldn't get attention".

    Subtle attention is much better attention than in-your-face items like green lipstick, blue hair, lip rings and so on. I love a woman who wears little to no makeup or tones it down with the accessories. The female body is a beautiful thing. It isn't need a lot of metal, paint or other items plastered on it to be attractive. We admire your body just the way it is.


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  • No.

    You look like you have a mole.

    and if you get two, you look like a catfish.

    Its really stupid looking.


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  • No, it barely hurts at all. It DOES leave a hole, but it will heal up eventually and leave a barely noticeable scar. Especially if you don't have it for too long before you decide to retire the piercing. Most people wouldn't notice, unless they're freakishly observant like I am, or are looking for signs of previous piercings. Standard lip or monroe piercings are 16 gauge, which is still pretty small. Obviously *I* don't think it looks trashy, but I'm into body mods. Most people aren't. Oral piercings are actually among the LEAST likely to get infected, and fastest to heal, if you take proper care of them, gargle with saltwater, etc. I've had mine for almost four years, never had a problem with it, and this is what it looks like when I take out my jewelry, in case you're curious.


    • Thank you! You were very helpful!


    • No problem. =] I can probably answer almost any other questions you might have about lip piercings, if you need any more information.

  • I had my lip done last summer and I love it! They will numb your lip so you won't feel the needle go through and as long as you clean it regulary it will hardly hurt and it won't get infected. It does leave a small hole but will close up (if you ever chose to take it out) into a small scar, like someone else said.

    I don't think they look trashy, it depends who wears them and how they are worn, so like, some people are 'into' the trashy look. Also, imo, I think gold is horrible so stick to silver bars and rings. :)

  • Tbh I think they look trashy but some girls look nice with them. If you want one you should get one def-you only live once!