A girl keeps glancing in the gym.

I notice a girl who glances at me in the gym, but when we walk past to each other like in the hallway she looks down right away. Like yesterday, Was using a machine and I saw her and we had eye contact, and I breaked it to do the set.. Then she used the machine beside me... then I walked away after I was done and keep doing my thing. Then today, after I finished running on the treadmill I went downstairs and sat on a chair.. And I was so shocked and saw her at the elliptical machine then I pretend I didn't notice her because I was so nervous and I was waiting for my workout partner to finsih doing his cardio..While I was waiting I can see her at the corner of my eyes that she is looking at me and made me more nervous. Should I talk to her? I rarely socialize in the gym because I am always focused on my workout and I'm usually out of breath..

And I also notice, she don't sweat when she works out and always alone..


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  • look at this logically. What percentage of relationships work out like you want?

    Not very many.

    What are the odds that this one will work out into a LONG term deal. As long as say... your gym membership to that particular gym

    Ive been in this situation and let me tell you you DONT want awkwardness in your gym f***ing with your workouts.

    IT sucks ass. IF this is "your gym" id say don't do it.

    Unless you want to ruin your gym don't do it.

    • please! I've had the same experience and I was easily able to get past to awkwardness that happened from this. Really, you allow an ex to affect your fitness routine?!

    • Yeah, some bitches be scandalous.

      I don't want to be working out and have to go on the other side of the gym because she's there staring at me with some other guy trying to prove to me that she's still wanted by men.

    • yeah that was amusing. She did that to me and I completely carried on like she wasn't there. Grapevine said it drove her bonkers - and her new man away.


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  • She probably likes you if she keeps looking at you she probably likes you and if she walks slow around you as well. If she blushes around you as well that's a good sign!


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  • Women aren't as prone to visual stimuli as men, so it takes a very attractive man to get her to keep glancing. In short, she's highly attracted to you. Up to you to figure out if it's feelings mutual.

  • She wants the D

  • Is she hot?