How can I improve my image and become better looking in terms of hair and clothes to look better for girls?

I just don't think a girl would like my clothes and hair style.


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  • Well everyone has their own taste in what they like. For a date a nice button down shirt and slacks, nice shoes. For just lounging around sports shorts or sweatpants and a tshirt such as one from macys they have a lot of cute shirts for guys there. If you're doin day to day stuff a stylish pair of jeans (american eagle has hott ones that aren't really pricey) and any shirt pretty much. You just want to be sure you are clean cut (teeth brushed just incase ;) hair washed maybe a little mousse or gel) and be confident, smile :)

    • What If I don't like american eagle type clothes at least not right now it is not really what I am in to.

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    • But what would be a "hot" way to do my hair.

    • Is it longer or short?


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  • yeah I agree that everyone has a unique preference and a style that's suitable for them.

    for me anyway, most days now, I don't care likewhat style I'm sporting, as long as it looks good on you and it suits you. just try different idea.s

    i usually look through online articles on fashion and what's hot, what are good coordinates & colours of the season or I just wear what I feel is comfy.

    for guys, for me anyway, I like guys with short hair, and a t-shirt and jeans, as long as it looks well kept, not like all wrinkly and stuff, it should be alright. guys have it easy I think lol

    • What if a guy is shy though.

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    • I know you say that but I want to look amazing for girls because I want them to be drawn to me and I need something to make up for my shyness.

    • Well, I often bring my guy friends with me shopping and they happen to like certain styles. sometimes just have to look up like for me, I really like guys who have nice short hair, dark or neutral coloured clothing. I have a crush on jenkin ackles and an asian actor. their styles are very different. one of them likes suits and the other is more punk/ casual clothing. so idk, what do you like to be? for me, if I want to look cute, I will try something eloquent, but not over the top

  • what do you currently look like? It would be easier to tell you what to change so that it flatters you.

    • Brown hair, about a average height maybe a little shorter I don't wear the coolest clothes but I like them I guess. I don't know what do girls like guys to look like I want to look like someone a girl would want to date.

  • Depends on what you wear now. It might look just fine on you. I think the most important thing is to be yourself. Where what you want to where! Where what you dig!

    Good luck


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  • i think its pretty easy, get a decent pair of jeans and iron them. wear a polo shirt plain design or a brand make nice and simple. pair of clean trainers k swiss or something. gel your hair or comb it so you look neat and tidy. wear aerosol or some aftershave. be nice and clean.

    = job done its nice and easy, then just be cool with the girls try and make em laugh and that's about it really to be honest.

    • I don't like gel though it makes my hair hard.

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    • I just want girls to like me you know what I mean?

    • Yeah don't worry about it mate just relax and be yourself make conversation with girls be nice and clean and well turned out and they will soon start noticing you. everyone goes on about all these laws of attraction etc its all BS just do the simple things you will have no problems!