Why do a lot of girls like to look totally similar?

why do a lot of girls like to look totally similar?

on my campus nearly every girl looks the same: they have straight either dyed dark or obviously bleached blond hair and if they don't wear it pin straight they wear a ridiculous high messy bun

nearly everone of them wears bigger pearl earrings, if they wear glasses then these ray ban nerd glasses, they all have this longchamp "le pilage" bag, and often they also wear a h&m scarf and generally they wear a lot of this simple h&m stuff like a top and a cardigan

they all look totally the same and personally I hate looking like all the others so I wouldn't buy any of this stuff mentioned above

why do a lot of other girls like to look the same? don't they get bored of this look? and guys what do you think of this look?


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  • It's so the same at my college. The girls look generic with their high wasted pants (overly hipster or vintage styles included), over sized handbags (what happened to a normal bag to carry your books in?), blackberries and also the high messy bun thing. It's kinda scary how similar some of them look. At the beginning I thought wow, I keep bumping into the same people, but then I realized it's different girls. Just the same style. I'm kinda ranting which is silly cause they can obviously wear what they want but in conclusion, the amount of overly hipster and preppy girls at my college is too damn high.


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  • Cause that's the look most guys like


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  • It because they wanted to be an up to date person.They want to follow the latest style and fashion.I personally not a fan of that though.I prefer to be different from others.Sometimes I do follow the newest trend but not exactly look alike with other girls.

  • My college is similar...

    -Bleached blond hair

    -Lululemon leggings/yoga pants

    -Neon/colorful Nikes or Ugg boots

    -Northface or Patagonia or Sorority/Fraternity[mixer] sweater/fleece

    -Burberry scarfl

    -iPhone in hand

    -monogrammed le pliage or LV or Kate Spade and the occasional Lily sorority tote

  • Because they feel very fashion, this will be very good

  • a lot of times we just want to be up to the time with trends and those type of clothes all look the same