When a guy looks at your food?

I like this guy and he works in the grocery department, stocking the vegatables and stuff. Well I was buying some taki's( delicious Mexican chips) and a bag of spinach. Well I walked over next to him, and grabbed a bag of spinach. And he kind of stared at my bag. He didn't stare at it, he just looked for about 5 seconds. Why? I see him a lot in the store. But all we do is smile and keep walking.


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  • He's just being observant .

    • Thanks hun, I just asked a question about what song to dance to for my fiance. No more than 15 min ago , What do you suggest

    • Amazed-Lonestar

      Come what May- Moulin Rouge

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      These are the songs I want played at my wedding when I get older. I hope I helped :)


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  • He's just staring into space.

  • he was probably thinking "damn that looks good".

    Working around food makes you hungry! I work in a grocery store stocking produce too so I would know!

    • a bag of spinach? Lol

  • maybe he's staring to see your food taste. just in case y'all might hook up.


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