College boys, what type of girl gets your attention?

I'll admit, I feel very inferior to other girls at my college. I'm talking about the typical college girl: loads of dark makeup, fake tans/tanning bed junkies, nice bodies, hair's usually either dark brown or bleach blond. Sorority types. I don't look like that and I never have and probably never could.

I'm not unattractive... I've been told I'm pretty, beautiful, etc., but I feel that I've never been "sexy" or "hot". I'm pretty thin, just not curvy, I don't go out and tan all the time or wear as much makeup as I possibly could. I don't run around in lingerie or low-cut tops. In fact I've been called "classy" by other guys on campus that bother to say something to me. Or "cute". I feel I would be the kind of girl you bring home to mom, not the kind that you want to have sex with. In all honesty, I would love to be both...

What kind of girl do you college men prefer? I don't want to hear about the population as a whole, I want to hear what YOU like. What YOUR friends like. I want to talk to you as a person. Do the overly-tanned sorority types get old for you? Do you absolutely love those kind of girls? Do you like the shy, artsy girls? The athletes? Who? Give me details.


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  • I have a preference for curvy girls, but first and foremost I want fit and thin girls. Tits and ass are always sexy, but not at the cost of a girl just having gained more weight. I prefer straight hair over curly hair. Hair length makes no difference; there are many styles I like whether short, medium, or long. I find most heights attractive as long as you are not ridiculously short or tall - if you are taller than me I will probably feel awkward (I am 5'11"). Mildly tanned skin is generally preferable. Mediterranean / Latina skin tone is very nice. Generally I find that the consistency of your skin tone is more attractive than the tone itself, so as long as your skin is "healthy", it shouldn't make a big difference how much you tan. Face is obviously important, and it's very hard to give specific details, but I don't like overly round faces very much, and bushy eyebrows are a no-go. If your face is thin and symmetrical you are probably doing fine.

    Intellectually, I really need to have an intelligent, open-minded and spiritual girl. How much money you make, your occupation, or whether you know exactly what you want to do in your life makes very little difference to me. I want someone who can relate to me on a very deep level, who is calm, compassionate, patient and just generally loving. You don't need to be exceptionally active, energetic, or outgoing in order to keep my attention. I'd prefer a night home or a walk together more than a party the vast majority of the time. I want to be able to talk to you and have an intellectually stimulating conversation. Similar musical tastes and hobbies are a benefit, but not necessary.

    Basically, the "type" of girls I will generally go for are the quiet, reserved, and thoughtful ones, who have a deep appreciation for life and spirituality, and are optimistic and loving.

    • Lots of details... Thank you!


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  • The thing is, If I'm attracted to someone's face, the body really doesn't make a huge impact. I don't like overly muscular for a woman (though I know some guys who are attracted to that look) and I don't like too thin (but that is just my preference). What you have to understand is that EVERYONE is attracted to different things. Just like women. Some women like guys with big muscles, some women like guys who are thin, some women like guys who are average. At the end of the day, different dudes like different things. And I can bet anything, those guys who said you're cute, most likely want to f*** you (sorry if that sounded crude).

    • I just don't understand why when those girls always seem prettier to me. I mean if I were a guy all the makeup would be a turnoff... but they're pretty much as hot as you can get, just going off of society's views. I appreciate guys who think differently. And girls who do not care if the guy's extremely muscular or not.

  • I always go to the "natural" types, where their make-ups just complement their over-all features and isn't really noticeable.

    About those girls from sorority, I usually shy from them since in a sorority, the "alpha' guy has "control" over them.

    • Is that really what goes on? Lol I have no idea what greek life is about. Whatsoever. I've only gone to two frat parties and that's all I know. But I like your answer

  • Basically anyone attractive gets my attention.

    Oh, if they are nerds that really sparks it also

  • somebody that has a slim and slender body type, somebody that is easy to talk to and can make funny comments


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