Hair Highlights on the opposite sex?

Both girls and guys get highlights..i'm just wondering do you like them on the opposite sex?


do you prefer;

link (lots of highlights ) / link or

link (natural looking/one color)

*personally, I hate when guys put highlights in their hair


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  • I wouldn't want highlights on a guy. Sometimes it makes them look... too wild, or crazy. But it depends on how they wear it I guess.

    I have highlights because black hair makes me look like Sadako.. you know, that chick in "The Ring" movie.

    I didn't really have an answer to your question, I just wanted to comment on it because I LOVE kate beckinsale! She's sooooo beautiful.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Completely natural hair colors on both genders looks best in my opinion. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the human body doesn't need extra layers of paint to be beautiful! :)


What Girls Said 3

  • i think it's hot on guys sometimes. I love it if it looks natural, if it's like black and blond I would say no.

  • I hate when guys get highlights. It just seems like a really girly thing to do, in my opinion. I remember talking to a guy in high school, and he randomly said in the middle of the conversation, "I need to get my highlights redone, my roots are showing." Seriously?! I don't even talk about root touch-ups with my female friends.

    I wish guys would just leave their hair alone, it looks better when it's natural.

  • I wouldn't reject someone if they had natrual highlights but if it was two stark colours I wouldn't like it. I like two-toned hair though, like, I knew someone that had black hair with a stripe of red and it looked great. (: