Only 6 weeks till my boy is born :) head I am big..i feel big and I am ready to meet my son.. but my head hurts from not knowing if snipping him is best thing 2 do? my husband wants it..i want it, but why..because I think snipped boys look nicer? am I wrong to want it because I think it will look good? we hav studyed the internet, looked at many pics, read medical info and my thinking is, baby boy doesn't need will be fine left alone( unless prob later) but still I want him cut. our hospital only use gomco clamp. I worry this will cut him very tight? I come here and hope some other moms who cut or not can chat and share their feeling and story. wot did you do and would you change anything? pls message me to talk private..

thanx and take care :)

i am shy to tell why I want my baby to hav it but I want other people answer honest... first I like his more because the head look cute and clean. I like how it soft and dry and not hav same smell as skin. also like how wen him big it be smooth and the head not under sumthing. wen we study more on internet I like all the snip more and it turn me on... I like how all cut differnt and some hav bigger scar...i see video and pic of baby getting snip and I pity them.
I think it a lot and that make me feel bad :(... but after I see it heal I like how it looks (embarrassed)

young boy or old man after snip I like how them look... I think the head and were the skin snipped look neat and better than if skin go over. I turn on wen think how them thing had the skin snipped off and after it open and can see the line where the cut happen if them hard or how the skin just be around the end of head if small.
if honest I would like if thailand cut all boy same filipine or aussie do. now I see all thai man or young boy and like 2 think them all hav cut.. make me turned on ... I think I feel guilty if snip my baby..cause I know I like cut more. I want to see him hav a nice look like other boy pics I see and I like if think he not same other boy here...i want other frend and family to see how he look and how they b surprised wen see his cut thing.
thank you for all that answer for me. sorry I not answer a lot. I wanted to wait until my son was born. now he is 2 weeks old and we choose that he be circumcised one week ago. I asked my husband to choose because I was scared and worry. everything OK now and I think we decide a good choice to circumcise him. I watch the doctor operate and I feel sad when he cry a little bit but now its OK and look neat. if anyone want to know or ask us pls just ask and not be shy.i answer true and hope help you 2 :)


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  • Hey go for what you and your husband want not people on gag. If I have a son he will be snipped. My guy and I both agree it's cleaner and better looking. There are also benefits to being circumcised so I'm all for it

    • thanx for answering honest and not judging.everyone has opinion but I don't want bad comments :(

      my husband was first cut I saw and I liked it more than my 2 uncut thai b/fs. my hubby was cut wen 16yr old and he think better if snipped as baby because it easier and the cut will b better. my hubby not really happy how him cut cause he still hav a lot skin. before I meet him I never think about boys with snip. first he teach me wot is then wen having baby boy we study it alot.

    • Yes do what is best for you. Good luck and congrats on your baby boy

    • There are NO benefits other than a step towards that new porsche for the corrupt doctor doing the procedure!


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  • Snip him. He'll cry a little when it happens and appreciate lots when he's older. And so will his GFs.

    • Probably not. Circumcision is uncommon in most countries, aside from the states and Muslim countries. Uncut also feels better for the girl and the guy

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    • I much prefer being cut, I have no memory of it as I was a baby, and as I was too young and unable to make decisions at that age it was up to my parents, and I have absolutely no problem with them getting me done.

    • He won't appreciate it when he discovers the truth that he has lost 20,000 pleasure-delivering nerve endings from his foreskin. Or when he discovers complications like skin-bridges, scarring, keritinisation, and erectile dysfuction. He won't appreciate it when he finds out his intact friends are having a much better time in bed than he is!

  • Simple answer - DON'T DO IT! It's HIS body so it should be HIS choice!

    Long answer - Circumcision in America is a scam designed to ensure corrupt doctors get rich quick by selling infants foreskns to pharmaceutical, biomedical and even cosmetics companies for use in production of artificial skin and even high-end moisturisers. It has b****r all to do with health benefits! His penis will be fine as long as it is left alone, he will not be the only boy growing up intact and trust me, with all that sensitive tissue left in place he will thank you for it in future as when he has sex he will be able to feel EVERYTHING!

    The potential 'risks' of leaving him intact are tiny and can easily be sorted later in life without resorting to invasive surgery - MILLIONS of boys around the world grow up intact without any problems at all. Just simply keeping it clean is all the maintenance it'll ever need to ensure a lifetime no complications whatsoever. Circumcising a boy for purely cosmetic reasons is unethical, an abuse of his human right to an intact body and could potentially do more harm than good. In the USA more than 200 baby boys DIE every year due to complications from circumcision. That's 200+ boys too many! That's 200+ boys who would otherwise have grown up to enjoy long and healthy lives were it not for the despicable mutilation forced upon them by their 'loving' parents egged on by a doctor from a health insurance corporation that covets your son's flesh so that they can sell it for a profit to a cosmetics firm AND make you pay for it!

    DON'T DO IT!

  • Send me a friend req if you want to talk about it, I was circumcised as an adult and have a son and his mother and I took quite a bit to agree on what to do then.

  • I am a guy and can tell you that I am glad my mum had me done when I was born, a few guys I know had it done later in life and said it was painful for them as they would have erections and that would be uncomfortable, but when they healed they said it was much better being done. Don't worry about your boy he won't remember it as he will be too young to know. And I have seen pics of snipped and unsnipped, and I think snipped is much better looking, so have my girlfriends too.

  • When or if I have a boy he will be circumcised for sure. Stop over thinking it and don't sweat what the weirdo's say

    • Congratulations on your new baby boy!

  • Congratulations. Yes, get it over with.

  • You should aks him what he wants. My baby mamma duz tell me that she dun't want me snipped but my cuzin's brothers boyfriends friend's sister Keesha's boyfrien is.

  • I hate the fact that I am cut. I have had a lot of problems because of it. I can not respect or forgive anyone that would do something that evil. Telling a person that just because they were born a particular gender that they were born wrong, and didn't even have a right to their own body.


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  • My mom told me she had nightmares about it when she had my brother because she was so nervous. But she ultimately decided to get him cut, and she feels she made the right choice. She told me she had an uncle who had to get cut as an adult and he was miserable and in so much pain. That's why it's not a good idea to wait and "let the boy decide for himself."

    In the end, it's up to you and your husband. Just know that it's normal for moms to be apprehensive.

    • It's his body, not yours - the potential complications of being left intact are tiny and do not need to be treated by circumcision later in life.

  • Well I will do it for health reasons. It can get funky under there (if he's not you have to pull it back and clean EVERY diaper change). Also he can get infected. And if there is a medical reason to do it when he's older it can take up to month to recover.

    • NEVER RETRACT AN INTACT BOYS FORESKIN - EVER! He is at far more risk of infection from being circumcised, it is after all, an open wound that could be exposed to fecal matter. An intact infants' penis does not need to be retracted to be cleaned, all you need to do is wipe it clean as you would your own finger. Later in life, once he is able to retract his foreskin by himself all he has to do is pull it back and clean with warm water. 5 seconds, job done!

  • There's no medical need to do it, plus, it feels better for both male and female when a guy is uncut. His foreskin gives a good gliding motion for a reason

  • I am totally against it, I see no medical purpose for it and It is mutilation of the penis and the boy does not get a say in it... what if he doesn't want his penis cut?