Is a girl's preference for a "mature" looking man overstated?

Say you're a girl between the ages of 22-26. Would this guy link be way too young looking for you? The guy in that picture is 23 by the way.

Somehow I doubt a well accomplished girl around my age would go for young looking guy. It seems they prefer guys who look aged and mature.


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  • I'm kind of curious as to what you deem well-accomplished?

    But back to your question, I'm 23 and I like to think I'm well-accomplished. I have graduated from college a year ago and work in my profession. I work full-time, live on my own and have a car.

    I'm a decent person over all and I do tend to go for older men. I looked at your picture, you don't look too young :)

    If you are still worried, I would grow in some more facial hair. That would help set you apart.

    But I do agree with you, I know I tend to go for older guys because I don't want someone who is going to use me for money and rides. Plus I want someone who is emotionally mature as well. Now I know not all older guys are like this either, but I tend to screen guys. I am doing online dating, so I always try and find out what they do and talk to them to get an idea of who they are.

    I'm a big believer in mirroring what you want in a partner. If you want someone who is decent, has a job, has a good head on their shoulders, you need to have that too. If you are like that then you will attract people that are similar.

    I have no problem dating a guy my age though. I just find it's hard to find a guy my age that actually wants a relationship and doesn't just want to use me for money or sex :S


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  • I'm 23 and I have a crush on a guy that's 20; however, we look around the same age. To me looks and age don't matter. I like guys that are smart, independent, confident, and don't need a girl next to them 24/7 to be happy.

  • I'm 18. my boyfriend looks close to this link he doesn't look like George clooney. But he has his hair and teeth. His other features are completely unique to him.


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  • Commonality breeds comfort. If they hang around older guys a lot more, they'll go for that. It just depends on the girl. Don't generalize. In general, if your demeanor is more mature, you can look young and get older girls easier...UNLESS they're immature...then they gravitate to boys.

    It's all relative and RANDOM. Life is random. In general though, if you looked older, it would help..but trust me..being young looking is a GOOD Problem to HAVE!