Guys: Do you like big lips like the ones that Rhianna has?

I always wonder because the collagen company is booming and white women the standard are buying bigger lips


I think some white women can have black features and look great but if black women have big lips doesn't look too great...

ww can have bronze skin, bigger lips, bigger butt injections or implants, and yeah pay for tanning

things that bw already have without the just if I make myself lighter through ivory caps..I am wondering I will look like them more but with my original and unpaid features.


anyhow I got a list why men did not go for black women and I was able to narrow my nose with a noseright pin, and start lightening in a healthy way, but how in the world can I change my lips..ouch ..

so in general guys do you like fuller lips on whiter black women or just in general

Thank you so much


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  • It doesn't matter what how big or small their lips are. As long as it complements their overall appearance, then she'll still appear as attractive.

    • wow I never thought lips were a big deal

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  • Yes but can depend, my husband say as long they are full