Guy in spinning class won't take his eyes off of me--what to do?

It's hard to complain when he hasn't DONE anything overt. but it is embarrassing. He always is either next to me or behind me in class and I can see him in the mirror looking at me all the time!


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  • If you don't look at him then he won't look at you because you've said above that you looked at the mirror and saw he looking at you. ( Why did you look at the mirror?)

    You're over 25, don't be so picky because girls actually at that age are called Woman not girl anymore whether you're virgin or not. Just let he looks at you because that means you're still pretty.

    Its okie, remember that you're 25 years old =) and he has the right to look at you or anyone. That's not a crime.


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  • question is: does he know that you know that he's staring at you

    if he does, then he'll get be glad that you are it shows you're being receptive to him because he obviously finds you attractive, physically

    if you don't like him, just show you're not interested, but if you are, then go ahead and show you are

    not even going to go into what you girls do to show you are, cause I HAVE NO IDEA ANYMORE


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  • whats so bad about it?! your lucky you even get a glimpse I know people who dont. Be happy someone's checking you out just smile and go on about your day its not that big of a deal just shrug it off

  • Look at him back but don't make it a friendly look. Not a bitchy glare either but you know how you look at a random person that doesn't really matter to you? Yeah look at him like that, he might stop. Maybe he keeps looking because he wants you to talk to him

  • That is so. AWKWARD.

    I would just glare at him until he stops. Or "accidentally" inflict some pain. But...he might actually like that.

    Switch classes, maybe?