How to start conversation with a girl who is noticing me?

i saw a girl and I keep on looking at her when she goes to her tution. I follow her. she also looks at me some times. but I don't know how to start talking to her. how should I go upto her and start talking?


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  • You should serously just go up and talk to her. Smile and just say hi how are you. just an open ended question and keep engaging her. Ask her questions. LISTEN to the answer. And whatever you do DON"T DON"T DON"T DON"T say some cheesey pickup line. she'll immediately write you off as only wanting to get into her pants.

    Remember that first impressions mean alot. So let her first impression of you be that you are intelligent, take an interest in what she says, and just a nice & engaging individual.


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  • next time you see her just say hey and ask how she is going maybe complement her as a girl I can honestly say I love a random complement from a nice guy saying hello :)


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  • Simply say "Hi" and ask her how her day is/ how she feels about her school.

    Also, smile. Smiling will let her guard down, and will let her be more open to you.

    Also, have good eye contact so you'll come up as sincere.