Dark Grey Suit with a Deep Dress Shirt?

I was told that I should always wear a white shirt or light shirt when wearing a suit.

I don't see the issue with wearing the red shirt?


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  • Daytime or evening? How formal?

    • dinner. Its for the Athletic Banquet at college. Shirt and tie formal but I figured Id go with a suit

    • At a formal event, it's not just about looking pleasant. There are an infinite number of dress options that objectively might be nice, flattering and elegant. But formality dames specific ones. A true black tie event looks good not just because the tuxedos hopefully flatter the wearers but also because the men match each other.

      An event with suits is a similar idea. Even if, objectively, your red shirt looks good I probably wouldn't wear it formally. Slightly less formally at night...

    • And the red shirt might look good. I've worn dark shirts under suits and unless you are wearing an even darker tie I think it works better open collar.


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  • Maybe the people you're often with (let's say, work) go for pastel colors, and sees red as too "eye catching" for everyday use. Try pale blue. :)


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  • It depends on what people wear generally at your work. Red is a bold statement that will attract attention; do you work at a place where there won;'t be feeedback about how you should stay in the background and not attract attention to yourself?