What's better "Swag or style"?

Hi. I have this question on my mind for a while .

What For you girls/woman are better.

Guy who wears skinny jeans, what are little bit baggy, earrings, baseball jackets, baseball hats and some vans or nikes.


Guy who wears, fitted jeans, no earrings, polo shirt, and some classy shoes like, classic vans, simple nikes (im talking about shoes like not air jordans and stuff like that)

What do you think , what you like, and maybe you can suggest your option


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  • "Swag" (hate that word... lol) works in your teen and young adult years when it's the most "socially acceptable." However in the long run, having style will trump swag.

    Having style is "more reformed, more mature" so to speak... Swag is just essentially wearing all the clothes everyone else is wearing and acting the "cool way" at the time, which is ultimately kind of immature. Sheep-mentality...


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What Girls Said 6

  • Swag is hotter but style is sexy in a Calvin Klein classy sort of way. It depends what age group and type of girls you wanna attract. Your age group says 18-24 so 18-19 I'd go with swag 20+ with style but it all depends on what type of girls you like.

  • link

    Okay, maybe the slut part is taking it a little bit too far, but you get the point. :P

    In my opinion, the second one is far better.

  • Oh god, can the skinny jeans trend just DIE already? it's awful!

  • Style. Swag is childish and disturbing.

  • Obviously I prefer the second, but "swag" IS technically a style even if most people violently dislike it :P I mostly just don't care. I associate swag with douche bag, but if douche bag is the thing that bothers me, I'm not going to waste my time criticizing the clothes and not the behavior.

  • Swag is gross. Style only.


What Guys Said 5

  • I'd pick style anytime, maybe I'm

    old fashioned, but to me

    "swag" = a dude who thinks

    he's all that(but isn't)

    style has got so much

    more meanings, and in the right

    hands, will transcend time ^.~

    • Eh? You are old fashioned too? :P

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    • You said "Maybe I'm old fashioned", so I was wondering.

      I don't know if being stylish is old fashioned,

      it depends on which style you choose. ^-^

    • Hah no, I don't wear top hats

      and such :3

      To me link

      dog = swag

      They dress up in whatever they get told

      is "cool" they then proceed to talk big

      and brag about everthing while walking

      in their respective group of friends, but

      is in fact just kids that knows nothing.

      Also, they think "ur mom" jokes are

      valid comebacks to everything ^.~

      of course I can't say if this is

      the truth, but it's taken from

      my own experience..

  • Swag is for the idiots who try to push swag on you because they think they look cool in their rap/hiphop video walking beside a car they shouldn't be able to afford with the crappy song they crapped out of their ass, or had had an ass write for them. when in fact they look uncredibly stupid style all the way. People who are actually cool would never say or do swag

  • Guys opinion: Style

    SWAG dies out and often times gives off an immature look on many guys.

  • Style all the way. It gets you attention and creates a very positive charm towards the opposite sex.

  • Swag is better. You can always get style but you either got swag or not.