Really sensitive skin...CANNOT wear makeup at all?!

I wouldn't say I have really sensitive skin but every time I wear makeup I either turn red with a rash or swell up. I tried Almay and Physicians Formula which both are suppose tobe hypoallergenic but I still react to them. I noticed that this is especially bad when it comes to eye makeup, my eyes just swell and get itchy afterward. Any other girls who have this problem/condition?


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  • Not a girl, but I react to almost all kinds of stuff people use to put on their skin. My fingers peel, I get rashes, I itch and have blisters. Creams, deodorants, aftershave, you name it - pretty much everything.

    I started doing without even soap now. (Easier for a guy, yes I know.) And I have improved a lot. It takes a bit of massaging and a lot of hot water to get clean, but I haven't had any rashes, blisters or sores after I stopped with all the chemical stuff. Even my dry flaking skin stopped being a problem - evidently that was an allergic reaction too..

    For you girls it is a bit more difficult. But in extreme cases - you could try using pure carbon or graphite for eyeliner. Hard to think anyone would react to that. The softest pencil you can find in the artists store should do the trick.

    When it comes to all the other stuff - my advice is simply to stop using it. You'll feel better - and you'll save money. And after a while that is how people will feel is the true you - instead of the made up one that you're presenting now.

    • and I thought I had it bad...i feel for you LOL

    • You should try Dr Bronners Peppermint or Citrus soap. It's organic. Amazing!

    • Can't use soaps with additives at all. But simple unperfumed hypoallergenic soap in moderation is OK. You don't really need all that much anyway after a while of not using soap daily. The skin stops producing so much oil to replenish what is lost during soap-washing and your skin stops being greasy - and simply feel better all over.

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  • I have comented many times against girls feeling they ABSOLUTELY NEED IT, and that EACH AND EVERY MAN ON EARTH WANTS IT.

    it has been discussed extensively, and generally is agreed that it sometimes help, sometimes as in sporadically and def not needed, more like an (optional) accessory than a basic need, yet every girl who asks seems to refuse to believe it, so we end up luke, "to each her own choice" and yes, IS YOUR CHOICE, but since you actually have an adverse reaction I feel the "need" to talk more bluntly.

    is OK (not my preference) doing this link but some girls do this link but I have a friend who is more like doing THIS link

    it was OBVIOUS always that she wore LOTS of make up, ridiculously a lot, one would IMAGINE she had a nice face, hence ask why she wore so much? got my answer when swiming with her and 1st and ONLY time (she wears HEAVY make up daily no matter the situation and when it rains she covers so no one sees), her skin was a disaster, and she may have read my expresion so she explained, I am alergic to make up, when young I got little rashes, then dryness, which of course I covered with more make up, and the more I used the more I needed, her skin is now stained and with this marks on her face link (something I had never seen).

    still she says that, given the chance, she would do it all exactly the same, but I say it is not worthy, if you want, go through the pain every now and then and for formal, special situations, but the rest of the time go natural, or natural-ish, again, make up is like a hat, sometimes it is appropiated or, few times, even needed, but most times OPTIONAL, as in totally expendable, YOU are the one who mostly think you need it, did you look good at 12? did you need make up? for the photos it is clear to me my friend ddi not, but now she ABSOLUTELY needs it, she sacrificed her natural beauty for the artificial one, don't do the same.

    • I actually don't wear makeup on a daily basis because of my reactions...but sometimes I want to feel presentable at special events or at least look better than my usual ... and really within that short period of time my face becomes a puffer fish in defence

    • is GREAT the you barely wear it, otherwise it would be too much pain for you, I also have super sensitive skin, that is why I gave up shaving 5 years ago, I just could not take it anymore, still, from time to time I have to do it, rarely but I have done it, I end up with an extreme rash and dryness to the point of skin breaking, for those rare situations in which I shave I wear this link is neomicine+retinol+vaseline, it is almost magic

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  • Even if it says hypoallergenic it can still cause problems. It's like medicine one brand had this formulation and a generic has the same active ingredients but different fillers that you may react to. It's the same concept the makeup has the same ingrdients left out, but they don't all use the same stuff otherwise. I would suggest going higher end. Clinique and Benefit are too very well known hypoallergenic companies. Clinique will be cheaper, but I love Benefit. I have a cousin that has quite a few problems and tried 8 brands before finding out Clinique was the only one that didn't have a reacation. I would start there and don't be afraid to talk to ladies at the makeup counters either. Plus if you have a problem with a department store brand you will be able to return it (just ask about their policy, but if you break out in a rash they can't really argue IMO) if it doesn't work.

    • I heard Benefit is not non-comedogenic (acne-causing). Is that true? Cause their stuff looks fun to try, haha.

  • Perhaps you should see a doctor. Maybe they can help you either find a good makeup or give you medicine to combat your symptoms.

    But in the meantime, what types of makeup are you using? Liquid? Powder? Packed powder? The kind that comes on a stick (not sure what that's called)? If you haven't tried all of it, maybe try all types and see if any of it works with your skin.

  • Have you tried using BareMinerals Matte (not the original formula), Everyday Minerals, etc. with a gentle sunscreen or jojoba oil as a base? That is as gentle as you can get IMO. Avoid Bismuth Oxychloride and "cooling" makeup.

  • Use hypoallergenic make-up

  • I am sensitive to many products so for me I go natural. I think you should see a skin specialist so that he can prescribe you skin products to stabilise your sensitive skin. Thereafter, slowly you can use make up.