Could she be interested?

I'm in college and their is this girl I went to high school with. Last time I talked to her and seen her was freshman year of high school. I tried to hit on her when I was a freshman but I don't think I made it clear enough that I was interested. When we had class she would always turn around and glance at me. I went to a different high school after my freshman year so, I never got another shot. I ran into her recently at school and we both looked at each other. She was in front of me walking to her class. She turned around and looked at me again in a minute after we were looking at each other. I'm not sure if she is interested because I have tattoos on my neck and all on my arms which I didn't have in high school and I am more lean and muscular. I'm pretty sure she knew it was me because I look the same except I'm more lean and have tattoos everywhere. Was she just looking and staring because I look different? Or because she is interested?


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  • Usually if someone spends a lot of time looking at you they're usually attracted to you, that or she may be trying to figure out if you're the guy she knew from high school. Since you have school in common approach her, talk to her, and see how she responds. There's no way to gauge interest beyond attraction by just counting how many times you stare at each other, so start a conversation and see where it goes from there. She could be wondering the same thing since it seems like you're staring at her as well ;)


What Guys Said 1

  • It seems that she was just looking at you to confirm that you're really the guy she knew in high school.